How to Modernize Your Insurance Policy Administration System  

BY: Ashish Joshi
JANUARY 25, 2023

Insurance policies are a necessary part of the business but can also be a headache. That’s why it’s important to modernize your insurance policy administration system. It becomes easier for you and your employees to handle business tasks. 

A modern insurance policy administration system has agility and flexibility. It adapts to industry changes, new regulations, compliance standards, technology, and more. Modernization means you’ll have fewer paper files and spend less time looking through files. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and other technologies allow insurers to meet customer expectations.  

You also won’t have to waste time printing or faxing documents between departments. Instead, you can do everything online through an automated process. That way, it’s easy for workers in different departments to access information. 

5 Must-Have Features for a Modern Policy Administration System

A digital policy administration system architecture is the structure. It provides a framework for all the components that make up your system. Some elements include how to store data, generate reports, and manage user access. 

It also allows insurance companies to manage their policies faster. The technology is also known as a policy administration system (PAS) or a policy management system (PMS). 

A digital policy administration system should include the following: 

  • Automation capabilities 
  • Customer segmentation 
  • Product innovation capabilities 
  • Analytics and Reporting 
  • Customer feedback and communication 

An excellent digital policy administration system should include several policy management tools. You’ll want to ensure that it has an intuitive user interface. This way, it’s easy for employees and managers alike to use the system with little training or effort.

1 Automation Capabilities

In the insurance industry, many processes and tasks are repetitive. For example, human involvement is necessary when processing claims or updating customer information. The positive news is that Robotic Process Automation can automate manual processes. It makes your employees more productive and improves customer engagement. 
This technology ensures higher accuracy when reporting or auditing information. In addition to automating repetitive tasks, RPA also increases efficiency. It checks that all data collected during the process is accurate and correct.

2 Customer Segmentation

Understanding your customer’s needs and delivering personalized service is essential. You can use data to identify customer segments. You can offer better assistance by providing a customized experience for each segment. Then, you can meet the unique requirements of different types of customers.  
Identify segments based on customer attributes like size or industry type. Then, develop a plan for serving each segment based on its specific needs. For example, customers in the healthcare industry generally have employees working in administration. Hence, there are opportunities for automation here. Companies can benefit from offloading repetitive tasks to software. 

3 Product Innovation Support

The market is changing, and insurers need to keep up. Include product innovation capabilities in your insurance policy administration system. If customers expect new features, you should make them available as soon as possible.   
You don’t want to leave customers waiting six months to a year. Transforming your insurance policy administration system could help ease this process. It provides a platform for innovating new products based on customer feedback.  

Integrating product capabilities helps you keep up with changing market demands. There’s no need to wait weeks for approval from management before moving forward with a plan. 

4 Analytics and Reporting

Leverage analytics and reporting to make informed business decisions. Data is the lifeblood of your insurance business, so you want to be sure that you use it properly. You can use analytics and reporting to help you understand your company’s performance. Also, you can determine where to make improvements with more detailed data.  
Use data for customer experience improvement. One way is through predictive analytics. With this approach, companies can identify customers who may need extra services. Then, you can improve overall satisfaction with a product or service.

5 Customer Feedback and Communication

Communication and feedback systems are critical to any digital policy administration system. They vide an easy way for policyholders to communicate with the insurer and to give. These communication and feedback systems can help insurers. They track how many customers have interacted with their policies. Intelligent automation can then streamline communication. It answers common customer inquiries without human intervention. 

Online chat is a simple way for customers to ask questions and get answers quickly. There’s no need to wait on hold or send an email. Text message alerts let customers know new information about their policies. For example, payments are due, or there’s been an update to their coverage limits. 

An intelligent administration system can unify customer contact points in a simple interface. It should also automatically send emails or reminders. Examples include when a customer’s insurance policy is about to expire. Or when there are changes in policy information to update. This way, there’s no need to log in to separate platforms to send or receive responses. 

Personalized Policy Administration Solutions from RD Global

The insurance industry has evolved into a complex and versatile business. The industry’s complexities compound the fact that most insurance companies depend on technology.  

Choosing the right insurance policy administration system is vital for your digital transformation. The method you choose should integrate with other systems to provide useful functionalities. 

RD Global can help you modernize your insurance policy administration system. Our team knows how to optimize processes with software systems. These make it easier for customers to do business while ensuring maximum efficiency. We help you make the most out of each client interaction with a wide range of products and services. Contact us today to learn more about insurance policy administration technology. 

Written by Ashish Joshi

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JANUARY 25, 2023
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