UX design means designing customer-centric applications that function based on the user’s needs. UX is designing for the best user experience possible for the application. Premium UX design is critical for a business, as UX design covers alternative user workflows to benefit all types of end users instead of coding for one. The user personas developed during UX design identify all the expected user types and their workflows.

Designing for users with varying workflow and accessibility needs creates a positive and meaningful user experience. Customers are more essential now than ever before. An application gets one first impression to create a positive brand that will gain or lose customers. Make the most of the first impression by including UX design in the software development lifecycle.

In the modern business world, customer experience is king. Customers can change applications easier than ever. Creating a memorable, positive user experience creates a connection. Connections build a customer base and keep that customer base healthy and growing. More customers equal increased business revenue. The importance of winning over customers with the first impression is crucial to business success. UX design is the key to attracting, serving, and retaining customers with a positive customer experience.

Why Now Is the Time for UX Design

UX builds a positive user experience with customers by showing the business understands their needs. Positive UX experiences help create a positive reputation for customer service and keep customers coming back. Software products built without UX design often miss customer workflows, accessibility needs and fail to design with inclusive principles. When creating applications, the focus must be on the user experience.

Customers give applications one chance to provide a positive user experience. 88% of customers do not return after a bad user experience. Given only one chance, make the most of it by leveraging UX design in the software development lifecycle.

How do you know you need UX?

Consider the application’s current state:

Was the application’s UI designed by a developer?

What are the current user experience results?

Do customers love the application?

Are customers constantly requesting enhancements or new features?

Are customers constantly entering defect fix requests?

Is the application intuitive? Or is the technical support line overwhelmed with calls?

Is the application accessible to all types of users?

Does your application generate high bounce rates?

If the current user experience survey values are low and customers are complaining about missing functionality or features, then consider investing in UX design. Are you maintaining backlogs of defect and enhancement requests? Can you honestly open the app and use it without having to ask for help? If you were visually or physically impaired, can the app be used, or will users get stuck in the workflow?

Honesty is the best policy. Invest in UX design development and improve the business brand and retain a loyal, satisfied customer base.

UX design saves time and reduces costs in the long run by providing these benefits:

Reduced development, design, and QA testing rework

Increased new customer sales

Retain a loyal customer base

ROI of over 9,900%

Benefits of Choosing RD Global as a Web Design Company

RD Global provides consulting services across the entire software development lifecycle including experts in UX design. UX design improves an application, whether it’s new or being redesigned due to poor user adoption. The UX experts at RD Global can assist in taking the application to a new level that increases usability and builds a strong customer following. More customers loving the application equals business revenue growth and a positive brand image.

UX design work comes in stages during software development. By using RD Global UX designers, businesses gain the value of expertise only when it’s needed. RD Global replaces the need for a business to retain or manage a UX design group.

Benefits of Choosing RD Global as a UX Design Company:

At RD Global we’ll use the UX customer research data and analyze the application’s end user behaviors at a granular level. Your users will notice the application and want to use it long after the first session.

Our UX design experts create UX wireframes and prototypes using the latest technological tools. We'll work with you to deliver the type of wireframes and prototypes that fit your needs. We’ll walk you through reviewing the designs and reaching the best design for your user’s needs.

Our UX and software development experts work together to design UX and UI for applications that’ll perform and build a strong customer base. We’re always working on innovative ideas to move your application to the lead position regardless of your specific industry.

Scope of Our Services for UX Development

RD Global offers a wide variety of service options to fit your business needs. Find quality UX experts to support your work in the following areas:

Based on in-depth customer research using interviews, competitor application reviews and usability testing, we’ll find the answers to attracting and satisfying your customers.

We’ll use end-user analysis data to develop profiles or scenarios of how actual customers use the application. These fictional profiles later turn into use case scenarios for thorough and effective application functional testing.

Once the profiles are created and reviewed, we’ll create various use case scenarios for each one. Each use case scenario is leveraged to create a map of the customer journey. Customer journey maps cover all points of user interaction with your application.

The user journey scenarios are then developed into multiple sets of wireframes. Wireframes illustrate the customer journey and provide the groundwork to create a working prototype. Testing through prototypes gives you a solid idea of how the application will appear and function before investing in coding. Then, we’ll make changes to the prototype instead of recoding.

Validation testing verifies that the prototype design matches the intended use case scenarios. Testing ensures the usability of the UX design and identifies defects before the team moves into coding and development.

Industries We Serve

RD Global serves a wide variety of professional businesses across industries. Every industry needs user-friendly customer portals, accessible customer service, and accurate data display. RD Global’s UX services provide quality customer experiences for customer contact, service, and ordering portals— everything for accurate, high quality customer experience within any industry that supports, attracts and retains customers.

InsurTech enables companies to interact with customers, using multiple channels for increased reach. Customers can access self-service portals to research information or make payments, or contact an agent.

SaaS in Healthcare promotes improved customer experience and buy-in to use new technology for managing healthcare. Patient and provider communication works seamlessly using SaaS.

FinTech companies leverage SaaS to reduce costs, provide improved data security, and increase scalability. SaaS application integrations make it easier to credibly secure, back up, and analyze data.

Sales, marketing and advertising campaigns benefit from leveraging customer data analytics to gain a better ROI and connect with customers. SaaS customer portals provide access to attract new and retain existing customers by providing easy, secure access to the information they need.

IT companies use SaaS to provide services across the board and directly to customers. SaaS brings not only useful, accurate customer data for business analysis but the ability to more easily secure and manage multiple customer installations and activities seamlessly.

SaaS enables customer service agents to communicate with customers using a variety of channels based on the customer's needs. SaaS ensures customer service agents provide quality, compliant service by using integration AI and ML to track and manage customer connections.

The construction industry benefits from using SaaS for effective and cost-effective digital solutions. SaaS enables better customer service with customized portals that keep customers informed on projects, costs, and schedules.

SaaS applications provide retailers the ability to store, analyze, and leverage real time customer data and sales results easily with detailed reporting and dashboard style analytics. SaaS also enables online ordering without the headaches of managing orders, shipping, and billing separately.

SaaS applications keep complex educational systems organized. By providing accessible systems to both students and staff, delivering quality education with accurate billing is achievable using SaaS.

Accounting SaaS application features include customer service, billing, and account maintenance all managed within the application at reduced cost. Accounting workflow automation in SaaS reduces workloads and provides real time data tracking and analytics.

Companies involved in the Automotive industry use SaaS to offer customers direct access to sales, inventory research, auto features and pricing. Better yet, the sales process is reduced by enabling customers to purchase completely online saving both the company and the customer money and time.

RD Global is the correct choice for any industry where a business needs to leverage technology to build revenue and a loyal customer base.


How we differ

At RD Global we take UX design to heart. RD Global’s UX designers provide detailed, exact, and precise work to improve any customer portal with the customer in mind. Part of RD Global’s expertise includes qualified experts with a diverse set of experience for modern and innovative responses.

We strive to build and deliver high-value designs using deep customer research and analysis.

Our team of experts will walk you through the design process as well as assist in providing expertise for developing profiles and scenarios to create a fully customer-centric application.

You’ll leave the process with an expertly-designed application that gets attention, thrills customers, and builds a positive brand image that lasts.

Reach out to see how RD Global can help you.

Clients We Work With


Service Options

At RD Global, our UX design experts provide quality, creative and engaging results. Attract, retain, and engage customers at all levels with engaging, dynamic customer portals.

SaaS UX design

  • SaaS user experience that ensures fast onboarding and high renewal rates.

Web and/or mobile app UX design

  • Stellar UX design for your app across all devices to increase the number of visitors and their session time.

Ecommerce UX design

  • Online store experience that will greatly increase your average customer lifetime value.

Customer Engagement UX Design

  • Inventive and creative design that attracts and engages customers.

Have a Question For Our Technology Experts?

Contact us to learn how our experts can help you stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends. We’ll bring your innovative ideas to life, no matter the challenge. Our team is available to speak with you via email, phone, or video call.

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UI/UX Design Service – FAQs

UX design means designing applications with the user in mind, using inclusive or user experience-based design principles. UX design adds value to an application by ensuring the application functions are based on the user’s needs rather than satisfying a list of requirements. UX design creates applications that move the customer journey not only forward but that result in a positive customer experience.

UI design is the visual design of the application interface. In other words, UI design determines the look and feel of the application including graphics, button control design, link appearances, and menu displays.

UI and UX design work hand in hand. They are related, but UX focuses on the functional user experience while UI focuses on the visual experience. UX leverages customer research data to design application functionality for the end user. Using UI and UX design principles together gives an application both a functional approach while improving the visual appearance and accessibility of visual features in the UI.

UX design means the application considers the user. Without UX design, a software developer uses the requirements or user story data to create a design. A common problem is that requirements and user stories describe functionality in one direction and don’t account for different types of use case scenarios. The design becomes problematic when UX design principles are not used because the application fails to function for customers in the way they expect.

Yes! While redesigning an application due to poor user experience results in approximately 30% in additional development costs, the ROI on UX design is 9,900%.

Building customer-centric application using inclusive and UX design principles benefits business growth and revenue.

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