Improve Employee Productivity With a Time-Management App

JUNE 9, 2022

Get the Essential Data You Need to Make Every Project Profitable

Key Takeaways:

  • Time tracking is essential for any business, whether you make products or simply service them
  • Without tracking employee time, you have no real picture of how much you’re spending on projects, so how can you tell if they’re profitable?
  • Time-tracking apps provide the data you need to boost productivity, meet deadlines, and price future projects profitably
  • We’ve selected three great time-tracking software options for you to review
  • Once you have your time-tracking data, it’s imperative to integrate it with the siloed data across your organization to get a complete picture of your productivity

You’ve no doubt heard it often: Data is the engine that drives the modern enterprise. It empowers business leaders to make fact-based decisions about pretty much everything, from how much inventory to produce to streamlining customer service to knowing how much to charge for products and services.

However, data is useless on its own. It must be analyzed if it is to provide actionable insights. It’s also important to know what data to collect. For any business, tracking employee time is essential. It doesn’t matter if you provide a service that charges by the hour or a widget that you sell for a set price. What you’re paying people and how long any given project takes is an important part of the profitability equation. You need to make sure that you are not only capturing all costs but that your staff is using its time effectively and efficiently.

Paper timesheets, even when they have been digitized, are both error-prone, antiquated, and require too much processing. Some time-tracking apps are overly complicated. To solve these issues and more, many companies are deploying apps that make it easy for employees to track their time. These eliminate many of the barriers to time tracking, including that it takes too long and is overly complicated. 

This blog explores the benefits of these time-tracking apps, reviews some of the best ones out there, and shows how best to manage and secure the data you receive.

Time-tracking apps bring a lot to the table

Today’s time-tracking apps allow employees to track time anywhere through mobile apps or desktop computers. These tools effortlessly capture time while ensuring the accuracy and transparency of your data. They also facilitate:

  • Increased productivity: Wasted time is easily spotted, and the data provided by a time-tracking app means you can optimize the work capacity of each individual employee.
  • Workplace transparency: Accurate time tracking results in fewer disputes. And with data-driven metrics, management of due dates and evaluation of employee performance are both simplified. You’ll know how long a particular task takes and that informs future work assignments as well as completion dates.
  • Deadline accuracy: It’s all about the details. To properly manage workloads, you need visibility into task details. If daily tasks are unfulfilled, they can be factored in to adjust deadline targets.
  • Employee empowerment: With management in control of targets, and with the data and transparency provided by your time tracking app, employees gain trust along with the ability to negotiate deadlines and workloads.

These time-tracking apps are part of the cutting edge of emerging technologies. The data they produce is valuable in terms of both time management as well as cost management. Let’s take a look at some of these apps so you can find the best fit for your organization. Then we’ll talk about how you can manage and secure all the important information they provide.

3 top time-management apps to consider

There are many, many time-management apps on the market. They all seem great until you start to use them, and then your working life is filled with broken promises, inaccurate information, and frustrated employees and management. Here are the best of the best time tracking apps.

Time Doctor: Tracks time accurately, handles project management, and monitors staff. It’s easy to use and integrates with many project-management apps, including Basecamp and Trello. When it comes to analytics, there’s a report feature that summarizes tracking and monitoring details. The downside is that you can only access this feature on the web, not through the app.

DeskTime: Is easy to set up and provides great monitoring features to help maximize productivity. You can tell if employees are appropriately using their time as well as track sick leave, days off, and vacations to better plan for project assignments. You can track online and offline activities as well as workload details like pending or late projects. This data can help you plan future projects. It also provides data reporting, but the only way to calculate deeper data is to export the files to Excel. One nice feature is an inbuilt timer to remind your employees to take breaks to avoid burnout. DeskTime integrates with Asana and Zapier along with some other project management software.

HubStaff: This time-tracking app offers streamlined employee monitoring and time tracking to increase productivity. You can track work hours, set limits, and get detailed timesheets. There’s a desktop and mobile app as well as web availability, and you can pull 17 different reports that show time worked, overtime hours that go over budget, and breaks. You can also track profitability and expenses to better manage your overall business.

These are some great apps, but now it’s time to take the data these apps provide and capitalize on the business intelligence contained within.

Data is invaluable, but it must be managed

Tracking employee time is only one piece of your business management puzzle. To make sound decisions, you need a cohesive picture of your data ecosystem. As you know, one metric is pretty useless alone. All data must be combined, sorted, and analyzed, otherwise it’s impossible to say if a project has been a success or a complete financial disaster.

Robust data management is required. To get a leg up on your competitors, precise analysis that reports on all your KPIs is a necessity. In the world of big data, the right solution enhances customer service, optimizes business operations, and gives leaders what they need to make informed and profitable decisions.

For the comprehensive data analysis that you need, what’s required is unifying disparate sources of data, including time tracking. This is accomplished via event-stream processing, which effortlessly grabs data from every siloed source of information across the enterprise. This means your data will be connected, accurate, and in a usable form.

The data analysis process also has to be frictionless, meaning it must be quickly and easily understood, which requires an easy-to-use interface along with the assets that tell the data story. A visual experience means everyone can access the information in a way they can both understand and use.

Time-tracking software is a real boon for the enterprise, enabling the gathering of more accurate data while increasing productivity. But it’s management of that data that will make the real difference.

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JUNE 9, 2022
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