Today’s users want cloud software solutions for business and leisure because of their accessibility and convenience. With software as a service (SaaS) apps, there is no physical software installation and no roadblocks to easy, subscription-based access. Those are just some of the reasons why the rapidly-growing market for these solutions is about to reach $623 billion.

Outsourcing SaaS development helps ensure your product meets the standards users expect from other SaaS products they use, and RD Global is here to help make those business goals a reality.

Why Now Is the Time for SaaS App Development

Now is the right time to invest in SaaS app development due to exponential market growth. By the year 2023, SaaS is slated to explode by 18%, reaching a massive $623 billion. There’s no time to waste.

Today’s top SaaS companies boast a revenue retention rate of 100% thanks to the model’s popularity with both consumers and B2B users. While some of the world’s best-known SaaS apps are geared toward consumers, these apps are also essential to industries ranging from marketing and sales to insurance, services, and more.

SaaS companies have more control over their products than traditional companies, which means they’re inclined to have greater security, faster updates, and a better user experience.

Shifts in technological usage ensure that SaaS apps will continue to grow in the future. Rising demand for the model is a reflection of today’s times, in which cost-effective remote access is more desirable than ever. SaaS offers the accessibility and usability that best fits today’s user preferences.

Businesses can’t afford to ignore SaaS software. It will be a critical asset in future growth and customer retention.

Benefits of Choosing RD Global as a SaaS Application Development Company

RD Global is your best partner in SaaS application development services because we offer a five-star customer experience. We empower companies with high-tech, high-impact solutions that transform the digital experience for their end users and ignite organization-wide transformation.

Working with RD Global, you’ll gain access to:

We build transformational solutions that drive change, reduce cost, speed up services, and improve the customer experience from the ground up.

Our team of specialists, designers, and developers uses tools that leverage intelligent automation and data analytics with a user-centered approach to create the best digital products in custom SaaS software.

Our SaaS development team includes solution architects, data engineers, intelligent automation experts, and UX/UI designers and developers who know how to design and develop custom SaaS products for results.

Our customer experience includes authentic relationship building, personalized customer care, proactive support, and an Agile development process all backed up by highly skilled experts.

Grow Your Business with High Performing SaaS Solutions

Scope of Our SaaS Development Services

At RD Global, our SaaS expertise extends from concept & planning through design and development. RD Global experts create customer SaaS interfaces using UX and UI design using a variety of architectures.

Our user experience and user interface design experts create custom SaaS interfaces that prioritize the digital experience for a functional, easy-to-use solution.

We implement multi-tenant SaaS architecture best practices such as self-service, personalization, integration capability, and operational performance.

Our multi-talented team manages the application development process from the ground up.

Your SaaS product needs to grow with you, so our team ensures scalability by developing a product with the capacity to evolve and change.

During the implementation phase, we’ll help you with migration and routine maintenance to assure an easy transition.

Multiple iterations of testing ensure that the final product is truly ready for launch.

We’ll work with you on your timeline to get your custom solution implemented and launched on schedule.

RD Global’s process includes thorough testing to find any software roadblocks and resolve them before and after launch.

The world is more mobile-reliant than ever – we’ll help you develop a SaaS solution that’s compatible with Android and Apple devices.

At the end of SaaS development, our relationship is just beginning. We’ll continue to support your product and assist with maintenance to ensure the longevity of the solution.

SaaS Application Development for Your Industry

Software as a service can be a valuable tool for businesses in any industry. Here are some of the ways it’s used in different markets:

Consumers often prefer a SaaS app over standalone websites for an integrated digital experience. Providing services via SaaS allows your customers to use the service with no roadblocks or accessibility problems.

Financial technology companies leverage SaaS to reduce infrastructure costs, secure data, and boost scalability. Security and data analysis are particularly important in FinTech, and SaaS makes it easy to secure, back up, and analyze data.

SaaS is helpful in machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) for personalizing the user experience based on the observed preferences of users. A SaaS app with ML and AI enables actionable insights with accessibility and scalability.

SaaS technology increases the rate of adoption of IoT devices, eliminating the need to use desktop data integration and other low-tech solutions. Instead, SaaS apps allow IoT devices to improve efficiency and accuracy by adding scalability to real-time data capture and analysis.

SaaS applications provide a better patient experience and make healthcare professionals’ jobs easier. These apps can offer patients and providers real-time updates, improve care quality, reduce costs, and coordinate between multiple healthcare providers.

Types of SaaS Applications We Develop

RD Global has extensive experience in creating SaaS solutions for organizations of all sizes and domains. Our numerous professionals including business analysts, software architects, and engineers are ready to join your project and create a SaaS product that meets your business objectives.

At RD Global, we develop SaaS applications with every type of functionality for all industries. We develop SaaS solutions for:

Enable fast, accurate access to customer information that enables strong customer relationships.

Ensure effective and credible resource management for positive productivity.

Manage billing and invoices with greater accuracy and repeatable, automated processing.

Leverage customer data to provide data analytics to improve customer relationships and service.

Take your recruiting and hiring to the next level with planned, organized and online HR portals. Human Resources benefits from online access that improves speed and organization.

Build an online purchasing system that moves your business into the digital transformation age. Expand your customer base and serve customers anytime, anywhere.

Enhance project management with accurate data analytics and online tools that improve organization. Keep project status visible and manageable with ease.

Need online training? What about accessible training options that provide education opportunities trackable back to the employee and automatically uploaded to HR.

Leverage customer and business data to provide data that is easily analyzed for improved efficiency.

Use data from all relevant platform applications (mobile or web) for more accurate analytics.

We ensure your business has the software needed to cover all security standards in order to protect your data and provide a better customer experience.

With SaaS, you don't have to purchase software whenever you need to implement a new solution. It will be easier to add applications as your business continues to evolve.

Don’t Overlook the Advantages of SaaS Development

There are plenty of reasons product developers choose the SaaS business model over traditional software development. SaaS provides scalability and built-in tools that better provide a quality, integrated experience. A quality, integrated package enables developers to spend more time on coding, rather than managing servers, security, or configuration.

They include:

B2B SaaS businesses are not only highly scalable from their ability to handle a high volume of data transactions, they’re also easy to update without having the consumer download new versions. Your SaaS app can grow and evolve as your business does.

SaaS software generally includes three levels of security. These are server-side infrastructure security, network security in the cloud, and client-side software security. This three-level infrastructure protects sensitive data from being improperly accessed.

SaaS being cloud-based means that the product can be accessed remotely with no need to buy licensing or install software. The web-based design makes SaaS products infinitely more accessible than on-premise software.

As a SaaS product grows, you can pivot to new technologies in software development instead of letting the product stagnate.

The RD Global Difference: Why We’re the Best SaaS Development Company

We’re different from the rest because of our focus on digital transformation and human-centered design.


We launch high-impact, technologically advanced products that solve real problems for the end user. We protect business and user data using state-of-the-art security at every step. Customer experience is king in the modern digital age, and our UI/UX design expertise provides a complete system that enables a high-quality customer experience for both customer and business management needs.

Our process to build a SaaS product includes:

Our team of UI/UX designers works to create intelligent solutions that include a user-centered approach with human-centered design to inform implementation, development, and overall experience.

We protect your users’ sensitive personal data and company data by implementing infrastructure security on the server side, cloud security on the internet, and software security on the client side.

Our expert developer team builds cloud software products that are highly functional and delivers a great user experience. The development process includes extensive testing to assure the highest level of functionality and quality.

We’re focused on putting your experience first, seeking ways to craft solutions that address your pain points, reduce friction, boost conversion rates, and improve the digital experience for your customers and employees.

Reach out to RD Global to see how we can help you grow your business

Clients We Work With


Service Options

At RD Global we believe in customer service. Our 5-star customer service rating means the world to us and you. We’ll be there to fully support and stand behind our work. RD Global offers a wide range of services. Ensure a significant customer experience by using all RD Global’s service offerings, or select only the ones you need.


Our service options include:

SaaS consulting:

  • We’ll work with you to transform your idea into a concept, create a development roadmap, and provide estimates of TCO and ROI.

SaaS UX and UI design:

  • Our team designs a responsive, intuitive UI based on UX research in your industry.

SaaS architectural design:

  • We use multi-tenancy architecture to create a solution that’s scalable, highly available, and withstands peak usage with ease.

SaaS app development:

  • The RD Global team is widely experienced in the technologies needed to develop SaaS solutions, using top-notch programming and KPIs for the best end product.

Testing and QA:

  • Our extensive testing procedure ensures data integrity and high test coverage for your SaaS platform.

Support and maintenance:

  • We offer multi-level support and maintenance for your SaaS product to ensure high functionality.

SaaS evolution:

  • We’ll help your SaaS product grow with your audience and your organization by revisiting and adding features as needed.

Cloud migration:

  • RD Global handles the cloud migration process by onboarding with a cloud provider or migrating your existing app to the cloud.

API development:

  • Our team designs and develops your SaaS solution with reliable APIs to ensure functionality and scalability.

Have a Question For Our Technology Experts?

Contact us to learn how our experts can help you stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends. We’ll bring your innovative ideas to life, no matter the challenge. Our team is available to speak with you via email, phone, or video call.

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SaaS App Development- FAQs

SaaS is a cloud-based software delivery model that lets users access the product from any internet-connected device. Some examples of web-based SaaS products you might recognize include Netflix, Spotify, Trello, and HubSpot.

Whether SaaS is “better” depends on the problem you’re trying to solve with the product. That being said, SaaS is more flexible and more accessible than off-the-shelf products. For many product types, cloud-based solutions are the future.

SaaS is fully customizable, not only for the business but for the individual user. That can include end users customizing the UI to change the app’s aesthetic as well as customizing workspaces and dashboards for functionality.

The owner of your SaaS data depends on the product’s service-level agreement, but in most cases, the user owns the data. Users can generally export and back up their data locally or in the cloud.

SaaS data is overwhelmingly safe in the cloud, although it’s critical to prioritize security when developing and maintaining any SaaS product. However, it’s always important to take precautions against data leaks or other instances that could lead to a hole in security. According to Gartner, 99% of cloud security failures are the fault of the user, not the software.

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