Web application development services set your business up for success with custom solutions that include great design, full functionality, and accessibility across devices. Web apps are like smartphone apps but built to run on the web on any device. They are more interactive and functional than a standalone website and more accessible than a typical mobile app, making the choice a no-brainer when it comes to offering the best user experience.

No matter what your industry, launching a web app should start with partnering with the best web application development company to ensure the smoothest dev process and the best final product possible. That’s why RD Global is the perfect partner. Whether you’re in need of an app to represent your product or services, or an enterprise-specific application for internal use, our team offers a full scope of services including UX and UI design, web app development, SaaS product testing and QA, and more.

Get Started With Custom Web Application Development

Web application development is the use of technologies such as .NET and Java to build an interactive program that runs on a server and that users can access via a browser.

Focusing on the user experience makes developing a web application integral to your product or service’s success. Standalone websites may not be fully functional across platforms, and mobile apps don’t work on desktops or laptops. Users expect an experience tailored to their devices, and without i, they’ll go elsewhere.

Developing a great web app not only ensures full functionality and accessibility for those users, but it also boosts your business reputation. Research by Statista reveals that 48% of users correlate a well-designed web app with increased business credibility.

Today is the perfect time to get started with custom web application development because your customers and users expect a top-notch experience. A web app gives those users the cross-platform functionality and user-focused experience they deserve and want.

Benefits of Choosing RD Global as a Web Application Development Company

RD Global helps you embrace digital transformation and outsource your web application development to a team of expert designers and developers.


Our web apps are focused on keeping your product or service ahead of the competition while reducing cost, speeding up service, and improving the customer experience. Our high-impact team optimizes the digital experience for you and your users by using harmonious processes and prioritizing quality.

With RD Global as your source for web app development, you unlock benefits such as:

User experience: We build solutions based on a deep understanding of what your users need and want, tied to your business goals.

Quality assurance: Our complex and comprehensive quality assurance process ensures an end product that’s highly functional and launch-ready.

Application security: We utilize top security standards and processes for safeguarding your web app software, including extensive testing for flaws, loopholes, and vulnerable points.

Flexible customization: Our team creates custom web applications that support front-end and back-end customization, allowing a personalized experience for every use case and user.

Role-based access: Users can be assigned individual permissions to access only the functions they need, allowing collaboration while keeping sensitive data secure.

Real-time synchronization: Our custom apps synchronize in real-time, allowing users to switch devices for access without missing a beat or to see what’s going on across an organization.

We create custom web app solutions that go above and beyond with our unique approach that includes:

We embrace digital transformation to modernize your operations, drive growth, and set your business apart from the rest. That means creating a digital experience that addresses areas of opportunities to deliver real results and help your business stay competitive and grow.

We use human-centered design best practices to create web application solutions that put the person first. That means considering the human perspective during implementation, development, and design, all with the goal of reducing friction, boosting conversion, and improving the digital experience.

Our team of project owners, business analysts, solution architects, data engineers, and UX/UI designers and developers works together to bring you simple solutions to complex challenges. That’s in addition to our powerful ecosystem of technologies and certifications we use to make it all happen.

Scope of Our Web Application Development Services

When you choose a provider for web application development services, it’s important to find all the services you need in the same place. This ensures a seamless development, delivery, and deployment process from start to finish.

The scope of our services is extensive, and includes:

We’ll create an intuitive navigation and user interface for your web application software, guaranteeing a smooth user experience across devices.

Our team of solutions architects and software developers works to develop a highly functional web app on time.

We’ll thoroughly test your web app product using integrated manual and automated testing methods to ensure functionality.

We use sophisticated quality management processes to confirm that your web app is functional, fast, and scalable.

We use custom APIs to integrate your web application for seamless deployment.

Our team monitors your web app to deploy fixes and updates as needed throughout the app’s life span for great performance.

Our team offers multiple levels of support and troubleshooting to resolve any issues as they emerge, ensuring high availability and stable workflow.

We handle front-end and back-end development starting with the project’s foundation to ensure a final product that’s functional and flexible.

Let’s Talk About Web Applications for Your Business

Web Application Development for Industries

RD Global crafts customized web apps for every industry, but some industries especially benefit from custom web app development.

They include:

In the insurance industry, web applications enable easy submission and processing of claims, remote meetings, and more.

Web apps in healthcare offer a suite of tools, such as quick contact via messages between providers and patients, appointment scheduling, virtual appointments via video conferencing, and medication tracking.

For business process management, a proprietary web app offers more security, allows precise functionality for your use case, and scales with your business as it grows.

Managing supply chains and inventory is made easier with web apps, allowing you to stay on top of demand with secure inventory and ordering processes and to streamline workflows while reducing human error.

Business-to-consumer web apps can reach consumers on desktop and mobile devices, increasing engagement and conversion rates by boosting accessibility and ease of use. These apps offer the experience of a mobile app without limitations or high cost.

Web apps can boost community reach and engagement by keeping people signed up for emergency alerts, health alerts, weather updates, and community engagement. Custom web apps are also a great channel for fundraisers and community building, no matter the size.

Public schools, universities, and colleges benefit from custom web apps that can allow anywhere, anytime access to lectures, assignments, and grades. This lowers costs and boosts access to education for all, including those who need to learn from home.

Not sure how a web application could best serve your business?

Types of Web Applications We Develop

Our web application design and development team creates a wide variety of application types for any use case, including:

Enterprise web apps such as project and task management, ERP, collaboration software, CRM, financial management, document management, learning management, knowledge management, and custom enterprise apps.

Web portal apps like self-service portals, customer portals, vendor portals, patient portals, employee portals, government portals, and community portals.

Customer-facing web apps including self-service and call centers, customer portals, eCommerce, advertising, online banking and lending, and chatbot apps.

Supply chain management apps such as inventory management, asset management, fleet management, order management, warehouse management, vendor management, and delivery management.

Online services apps that include highly scalable SaaS products that grow with your business and its needs.

eCommerce apps such as B2B, B2C, progressive eCommerce, online marketplaces, and headless commerce apps.

Healthcare web apps including her, EMR, healthcare CRM, patient portals, and telemedicine apps.

Analytics web apps such as business intelligence, big data solutions, image analysis, and risk analytics apps.

Not sure what type of web app is best for your business? Our application development works with you to determine the functionality that will serve your business the best.

Technologies for Web Application Development

How We Differ

RD Global approaches each project from a digital transformation standpoint. Our high-impact solutions accelerate results and harness the power of information to facilitate continuous improvement.

Automation: We prioritize intelligent automation to reduce friction, the digital experience to ensure total satisfaction, and data management and analytics to improve upon each iteration of the project.

Performance: The result is a high-impact, high-performance web app that meets the user’s expectations and provides a user-centered experience.

Ongoing support: Our team of unrivaled technical experts knows the questions to ask and the technologies needed to create the perfect web app solution for your business. That’s the RD Global experience.

Experienced-focused: We provide digital solutions that are focused on all experiences, from customer experience (CX) to employee experience (EX) to user experience (UX) and beyond.

Clients We Work With


Service Options

Our robust service offerings make it easy to turn pain points into solutions and ideas into realities. 

Web consulting:

  • We’ll help you translate your web app idea into a detailed roadmap for a fully functional final product that meets your company’s unique needs. At the ideation stage, we’ll estimate cost, scope, and delivery time as well as consider architecture, hosting options, and UX/UI design.

Web development:

  • Our team of expert developers makes your idea a reality by implementing the best technology and architecture for your project. From needs analysis to support and evolution and every step in between, we’ll develop a functional and high-quality web app that meets your specifications.

Legacy software modernization:

  • If you have existing custom software you’d like to re-architect, re-code, or improve upon, we’re your team. The RD Global team can add new functionality to your existing app using the latest technologies and design and development best practices, migrate your app to the cloud, and more.

Achieve an outstanding digital experience with our web application development services. Book a discovery call today to unlock the benefits of custom web apps!

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Contact us to learn how our experts can help you stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends. We’ll bring your innovative ideas to life, no matter the challenge. Our team is available to speak with you via email, phone, or video call.

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Web Application Development Services - FAQs

The cost of developing a web app depends on the scope of the project, the features included, and the technologies used. Our team of web app developers is happy to provide you with a quote based on your unique business needs.

The entire process of developing a web application, including front- and back-end development, can take months depending on the specific features and functionality needed. There’s no way to provide an accurate time estimate without knowing your business needs, so reach out to our team of developers for an estimate that’s specific to your project.

Our team of web application developers is dedicated to transforming the digital experience by using the right framework for your business. Whether it’s Java or .NET, we’ll work with you to learn about your project and its needs before determining the right framework for your business’ web app.

The web application development process includes ideation, design, development and testing, and deployment as well as post-launch technical support. Our team of expert developers will take the reins on the entire process. We include your feedback and communication to ensure a final product that meets your business needs and requirements.

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