Legacy applications are simply outdated technology and tools. The problem with using outdated technology in business is a reduction in efficiency and an increase in maintenance and support costs.

Technology advances rapidly. What does it mean for businesses using legacy applications? Every software and hardware application has a practical lifespan dependent on the speed of replacement with improved technology, or whether the software continues to meet business and user needs. Legacy application support increases as systems are updated to work with modernized data, API, and other connected systems.

Replacing outdated technology, whether it’s the entire operating system, a single legacy application, or a legacy application migration to cloud service technology is a serious endeavor that requires expertise to ensure positive results. That’s where RD Global comes in. The goal of RD Global’s legacy application modernization services is to get your business up to speed with the latest technology, while keeping any business running effectively and efficiently. RD Global provides the expertise to replace your outdated systems and tools with modern technology that improves your business’s efficiency while making life easier for employees and providing exceptional customer experience.

Why Now is The Time For Enterprise Application Modernization

Why do you need legacy application migration services? Modernizing your technology requires an extensive migration strategy. You’ll need a functioning system that allows work to continue during the legacy application migration process. Using legacy application migration services enables you and your employees to continue to focus on business needs and leaves the migration to RD Global experts.

Legacy application modernization streamlines business flows and enables the business to run more effectively while reducing costs. Additionally, legacy application modernization enables meeting compliance with updated standards, with less interruption to the business workflow. The importance of modernization cannot be underestimated. Keeping up with new data processing standards and modern application integration using APIs and other connectivity technology is critical to keeping your business thriving now and in the future.

Other benefits of application modernization solutions include:

Minimized costs and length of updates, changes, and new integrations.

Increased performance, availability, scalability, and security.

Simplified and more cost-efficient maintenance and testing.

Ability to reuse an application’s functionality in external systems.

Optimized business workflows for greater business efficiency.

Improved and updated data security controls.

Modern, updated brand image.

Benefits of Choosing RD Global as a Legacy Application Migration Partner

RD Global provides consulting services across the entire software development lifecycle, including experts in legacy application modernization. In today’s business world it’s nearly impossible to succeed using a legacy application.

Forward-thinking organizations need legacy application modernization to thrive in the digital economy. A simple lift and shift may not be enough. Migrating legacy applications to cloud environments enables business growth and future sustainability.

The cost to support a legacy application holds an organization back by taking up to 78% of an IT budget. Additionally, attempting to manipulate a legacy application to work with modern application systems consumes more 40%-60% of CIO time, and that’s not even counting the resource time spent attempting to keep the system up and running.

Our development team at RD Global can plan and manage an enterprise application migration for you, leaving you to focus on the business, innovation, and getting work done. RD Global works with your business processes to leverage modern technology so your organization grows and thrives now and into the future.

Benefits of Choosing RD Global for Legacy Application Modernization

A migration plan is created by mining data for the legacy application code, business rules, dependencies, and existing integrations. We’ll review code and documentation and work with the IT department, third-party vendors, and employees to fully understand the existing system and how to modernize.

Next, we’ll plan out when, where and what changes to make in the modernization process. Changes are incremental, so work continues during the migration process.

We’ll provide thorough testing and broad monitoring to ensure modernized applications run as expected and are fully secured.

Finally, we’ll implement microservices to allow for independent component updates that’ll take less time and perform reliably without interrupting system service.

During the entire legacy application migration process, we’ll be on hand and available to manage issues and answer questions.

Scope of Our Services

When legacy applications come to the end of their lifecycle, you´ll need to choose the best option for more cost-efficient modernization projects. We can help you make a smart decision.

Thorough and detailed guidance on improvements needed to get the maximum value from existing and future system strategic investments.

Quality modern application hosting, platform support and full application architecture services.

We’ll restore and modify design and code to get enterprise applications up and running as expected.

We’ll revive applications created in legacy programming languages and platforms and seamlessly modernize them to take advantage of modern programming languages, databases, and development frameworks.

Maintenance of modernized applications means organizing apps and their associated parts into isolated packages. Isolated packages are created for each OS level and will improve maintenance time as well as reliability.

Industries we serve

Modernizing legacy systems is crucial for any company that wants to innovate. Through an application modernization strategy, business operations become smoother, automated, and more efficient. This not only helps grow your revenue but also helps reduce workforce stress, leading to happier employees. That’s why many industries are taking advantage of it.

Insurers deal with a high volume and sources of data. Therefore, it's crucial to bring valuable legacy mainframe applications and look for ways to modernize and maintain interoperability.

Legacy applications can pose many risks, especially in healthcare. Updated and modern systems are critical to avoid security breaches.

Without optimized technologies and application management approaches, banks are not capable of supporting the market’s rising expectations, and then can be exposed to additional risk and liability. That's why it's important to innovate and stay up-to-date in this industry.

By modernizing technologies, you can reduce operating and labor costs. Plus, you get more profitability, reduced waste, and automation to avoid errors or delays which leads to faster production.

Tech companies need to innovate constantly. They need to continue improving performance and have reliable systems for any digital transformation.

Modernization produces many benefits for this industry. It can lead to more flexibility, better service, better data insights, and digital competitiveness.

Any construction company can benefit from modernizing systems. Especially because when you automate processes, you can create more accurate project costing, planning, and estimating.

In this industry, you need to remain agile and make timely data-driven decisions. By innovating technologies any company in retail can get more flexibility, agility, and scalability.

Legacy systems are one of the biggest inhibitors of digital learning. The trick is to have systems that encourage others to learn, that are flexible, and that accommodate future changes.

How we differ

At RD Global we take legacy application conversion to heart. We strive to build and deliver the best value in a timely manner by modernizing technology correctly from the start.

Our team of experts will walk you through the legacy application modernization process as well as assist in any issues you may experience.

You’ll leave our process with a fully modernized technology and tool stack that improves the business’ bottom line while also better serving employees and customers.

With legacy application modernization you can prioritize the retention and enhancement of your existing systems, so you keep your organization doing its best work.

When you rely on dated apps and processes, you spend more time and money on maintaining old systems. Your efforts should be directed in innovation, toward strengthening security, eliminating the data silos older systems often create, and producing modern app experiences for employees and customers.

We provide improved security, with the latest processes and technology to protect your company´s and customer´s data.

Transform technological heritage to your future success

Clients We Work With


Service Options

We believe in a fine-grained approach to software modernization that allows us to deliver viable solutions in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Software System Assessments

  • Carefully determine the software's interoperability with other business systems, failure rates, and overall performance so that you can set an appropriate strategy.

Desktop to Web Application Migration

  • Consider scalability, interface improvements, and accessibility on mobile devices. Execute business logic to minimize downtime.

API Integrations

  • Carefully plan API implementations or design custom APIs to enable your company to be more flexible, share important data, and expose more functionality with minimal coding effort.

Legacy Application Upgrade

  • Transform the most common legacy tools to improve performance, ease evolution, patch security vulnerabilities, and maintain a better user experience.

Cloud Migration

  • Our engineers thoroughly analyze the current product and develop a comprehensive migration path appropriate for your business realm.

Architecture Improvements

  • Organize a smooth transition to the new architecture and allow rollback if something goes wrong. This allows you to easily extend functionality and improve app performance.

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Legacy Application Modernization Services - FAQs

We understand that data is the backbone of a business, and our modernization experts ensure that the digital transformation process does not hamper your business continuity as we securely move your data from legacy databases to modern databases in the cloud.

The duration of a legacy software modernization depends on multiple factors, such as the complexity of existing infrastructure, identifying a suitable cloud platform, man-hours required, etc. Having said that, we focus on time-tested business logic to ensure fast deployment and user adoption.

  • Accept risks and do nothing.
  • Re-hosting.
  • Re-platforming.
  • Replace customer-facing frontend.
  • Refactoring
  • Complete rewrite.

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