Hurricane Claims Predictive Modeling Tool

Hurricanes and Insurance companies have been long-standing rivals here in South Florida. Our innovation lab team had an idea to enrich hurricane spaghetti modeling tools with historical and financial information to predict the cost of claims damage for a specific location after a storm. This information can be useful for real-time predictions in the event of a storm, for crafting better policies depending on a customer's exact location, and for reinsurance strategies.

Our data visualization and user experience team envisioned a way for companies to easily input policy location data to be displayed across the GIS map, while our full-stack development engineering team developed the software to combine hurricane information with our home-grown algorithm to show the effects of historical hurricane paths, model the impacts of current hurricane paths, and predict costs of custom hurricane paths.

Our engineering team is constantly improving the algorithms to improve the accuracy of the prediction engine by incorporating more and more data elements into the mix. Hurricane claim costs and premium fees for specific locations can be predicted more accurately as more data on storms and storm costs are analyzed by our system using artificial intelligence.

Data Analysis Information
  • Property Value
  • Inflation Rates
  • Previous Claim Data
  • Property Location
  • Historical Storm Data
  • Topography
  • Integrate with Various early forecast models
Tools & Technologies Upskilled
  • GIS Mapping
  • API Integrations
  • Previous Claim Data
  • Data Modeling
  • Data Visualization
  • Artificial Intelligence
Teams Involved
  • Solution Architect
  • Property Insurance Subject Matter Experts
  • Data Engineers
  • Dev Ops/ Cloud Experts
  • UX/UI Designers and Developers
  • Full Stack .Net Software Developers
  • QA Experts

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Insurtech Chatbot

After completing a self-service claims portal for one of our customers, our innovation team wanted to further explore automated bots to enhance the self-service claims experiences. Our business analysts uncovered that 34% of consumers prefer to engage with AI chatbots. (Statista)

To upskill our knowledge in trending AI Chatbot technology, our team set out to create an interactive way for policyholders to easily access non-sensitive claim and policy information without having to call or email a live customer support representative. Our team architected an intelligent chatbot solution with Machine Learning capabilities that would satisfy the modern insurtech policyholder and insurance customer with technology that would seamlessly integrate into existing insurance workflows.

Our team also created visual dashboard for company employees to easily analyze chatbot performance and the type of customer requests coming in. As the values of the modern consumer continue to change, our innovation lab team is committed to keeping our customers on the cutting edge with incredible digital experiences.

Insurtech Features
  • 24/7 self-service option for policyholders
  • Claims reporting capabilities
  • Customizable questionnaire entry
  • Opt-in for Automated Claim Status Updates
  • Integration with core systems
  • Customer experience rating tool
  • Customer behavior tracking
Tools & Technologies Upskilled
  • Chatbot Architecting
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Human-Centered Design
  • Workflow Integration
  • Ticket Management
Teams Involved
  • Solution Architect
  • Data Engineers
  • Dev Ops/ Cloud Experts
  • UX/UI Designers and Developers
  • Full Stack .Net Software Developers
  • QA Experts

RD Global, Leaders in Emerging Technology

Agile Software Development

Even while working on internal innovation projects, our teams follow the agile philosophy for iterative development and collaboration between self-organizing cross-functional teams.

SaaS Product Development

We have invested in cloud based SaaS innovations that we developed from the ground up creating new digital lines of business and revenue streams.

Emerging Technologies

We encourage, sponsor and foster an environment for our employees to continuously upskill and test new software development tools and emerging technologies.

Design Services (UX)

Our UX teams incorporate scientifically proven color cues and popular formats to allow for the creation of user stories that enhance engagement across all of our digital experiences.

Mobile Development

Our mobile teams stay up to date on the feature releases native to Android and iOS to ensure our applications utilize the latest features including AR, Security features, and data driven push notifications.


Our teams are versed on trends and technologies that impact the digital buyer behavior of the modern consumer to increase the value of your Ecommerce initiatives.

Content Management Systems

Our CMS Developers keep their skill sets up to date by creating themes and modules that integrate with the latest and most popular CMS tools.

Cloud Services

We encourage our team to embrace cloud first architecture and design to boost practical knowledge on cloud platforms including Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud.

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