Your website may be costing you clients. Today’s customers are web-savvy and have many choices when it comes to products and services. Businesses that want to grow and prosper must choose their web development company carefully. A hard-working website with the right flow engages with its design and delights with its user experience. Otherwise, users will leave and head for your competitors.

Why Now Is the Time

It’s about more than just aesthetics, although those are important. Effective website design and development means aesthetics meet functionality to provide the optimal buying experience that’s essential to scaling your business

First impressions matter, both in life and on the web. No one wants to enter a disorganized, ugly brick-and-mortar store, and this is also reflected in the actions of visitors to your website. An unattractive layout and design scares away 38% of your customers, and 40% will leave if your site is slow. A bad user experience leaves a bad impression on 38.5% of users.

By 2025, it is predicted that 24.5% of total global retail sales will be done online as the number of digital buyers continues to increase at a rapid pace. In 2020, those online sales amounted to $4.2 trillion. To get your piece of that pie, you have to choose the right front-end web developer.

An attractive layout that makes the most of visual elements, text placement, and video can delight, engage, and convert visitors. A state-of-the-art, naturally flowing, friction-free experience means users stick around. According to the Baymard Institute, optimizing the checkout experience increases conversions by 35.62%. The right web development services can help you convert the 69.57% of people who would usually abandon their carts.

Benefits of Choosing RD Global for Website Development Services

Have an idea for your website? We’ll bring it to life with our website development services. And while our technical team works to make your site a revenue-generating engine, we focus on delivering a great customer experience to you. We lead by example: Excellent customer service is a core value at RD Global.

Our personalized customer care is something that sets us apart when it comes to web development.

Custom Website Design & Development Differentiate your digital presence from the competition with custom-coded web design, including UX and development.

Exceptional User Experience Exceed business goals by delivering a high-quality user experience that puts the customer first. Make it simple to find the right information, reach customer service, or place an order.

Security for the Business & Customers At RD Global, our security experts employ state-of-the-art security practices to safeguard business and customer data.

Agile Scalability Custom website design and development means RD Global experts can provide or manage the scalability of your business’s digital presence now and into the future.

Business Process Automation Use your custom-developed digital presence to improve sales and accounting workflows to save money and improve accuracy and customer service.

Scope of Our Website Development Services

We provide a full range of web development services, so you can find all the expertise your company needs in one place. We aim to deliver high-quality work with excellent customer service and constant communication throughout each stage. The scope of our services includes:

Our expertise covers the latest coding languages as well as solid performers for web applications. We implement solutions using Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, Javascript, CSS, and HTML to name a few.

RD Global’s expertise in mobile app development is unmatched. We deliver creative, engaging solutions that work on any mobile device and operating system. Mobile apps are the future; get yours in motion.

We have solid expertise in full-stack development. Our developers can do it all, including cloud platform development, data, and API connectivity for the optimal web solution.

Manage external and internal workflow systems seamlessly with custom web portals. Enable self-service to keep your business up and running at all times.

Need a more connected enterprise solution? RD Global experts can create APIs to integrate all your web tools into a single, integrated solution.

Keep customers front and center to build a profitable business online and off. Keep customers coming back with customer-focused UX design web portals and applications.

Website Development For Industries

We do custom website design and development, and that requires deep industry knowledge. RD Global provides unique and customized solutions along with five-star service and technical guidance to companies in many industries.

Custom web development keeps IT focused on providing IT services and not code development.

Patients need information and answers. Custom web development provides customer-facing portals that save medical staff time by enabling patient self-service options.

Custom web development tracks projects, costs, and timelines easily and accurately. Focus on construction rather than the website.

Online sales are here to stay. Monetize your web presence and expand sales. Keep your focus on business and leave the website to RD Global experts.

Custom web portals help manage students, staff, and activities from multiple departments, including accounting and admissions. Manage complex organizations easily with customized web portals that deliver reduced costs and accurate business data.

Leverage custom web development to assist customers by providing self-service portals that provide accurate, timely information and the ability to make payments, create applications, and gather status information all in one, easy to use tool.

Custom web development improves workflow businesses to reduce costs and improve employee workloads. Leverage accurate business data to improve accounting processes with business analytics and reporting.

Sell more software using custom web development. Display features and let customers try them out with working demos. Attract and engage a whole new level of customers.

Custom web portals help manage students, staff, and activities from multiple departments including accounting and admissions. Manage complex organizations easily with customized web portals that deliver reduced costs and accurate business data.

Sell, invoice, and service customers 24/7 with self-service customer portals and an engaging custom website. Make it easy for customers to find and use your services and set your business apart.

Types of Website Development

There are a variety of website development options available. Which option is best for your business depends on your needs and budget. Here is an overview of what we can do:

Let us present a high-quality, expertly designed company website that attracts customers. We’ll provide an informative, engaging customer experience to build revenue by reaching new and existing customers.

Provide self-service portals for orders, sales, shipping status, and everything a customer or potential new customer needs to know.

Create solutions for both mobile and web that are unique to serve your business needs. Web presence is more than a logo and a brand. Build a strong and loyal customer base with a thoughtful, customer-centric design that provides real value.

If you’re not selling online, let us create your digital transformation. Reach and service more customers around the globe.

Need a CMS? Or do you simply want to integrate your business tools together and reduce overhead? Our experts can provide custom, integrated tools that reduce business costs and the need to manage multiple tools.

ERP systems require maintenance and frequent updates to keep them relevant and functioning at a high level. Let RD Global help get your ERP system connected and performing.

RD Global Technologies

How We Differ

RD Global is the best choice you can make for your web development needs. Start-ups love us because we build websites that can scale as they do. Established small and medium-sized businesses realize improved ROI and continuous growth using our solutions. RD Global is an experienced partner that delivers reliable, high-quality software solutions.

RD Global’s 5-Star Customer Service includes:

Our customers are not simply jobs to fulfill; they are professional relationships. We work to meet your unique business needs and build a strong working relationship.

We’re there to service all your unique business needs, answer questions, and give advice on growing your business in the digital arena.

Have an issue with one of our solutions? We’ll work with you to correct any issues with our solutions promptly and as often as necessary. We don’t believe in giving customers the run-around after a solution is delivered.

We use the agile development methodology to ensure high-quality software is delivered at high speeds. We can respond to changes in your business needs quickly to provide you with a solution that works now and into the future.

Our staff includes professional and highly skilled people who look out for your needs. We used the latest and the greatest technologies including AI, ML, and others to build solutions that offer exceptional business value.

We believe in relationships, not transactions. Taking the time to learn about your company, stakeholders, and customers means we build a better solution designed uniquely for you.


Services We Offer

Align your business vision across the spectrum of your digital presence. Improve internal processes, and reduce costs while reaching more customers and providing a high-level user experience to retain existing customers. How does RD Global do it?

Full-Stack Web & Mobile Development Solutions

  • RD Global experts employ a variety of coding and platform solutions to provide high-performance web and mobile solutions that serve and attract customers.

UI/UX Design built around the customer

  • At RD Global, we focus on building solutions that meet business needs while serving the customer. UX design brings the importance of the customer experience front and center to build a stronger business.

Customer Web Portals

  • RD Global understands the importance of customer service. Our customer web portals put your best foot forward to attract, retain, and impress customers.

Business Systems Integration

  • Our team of experts covers the depth and breadth of business system operations. We merge technologies to reduce costs while providing intuitive solutions that save employees time and improve business costs.

Have a Question For Our Technology Experts?

Contact us to learn how our experts can help you stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends. We’ll bring your innovative ideas to life, no matter the challenge. Our team is available to speak with you via email, phone, or video call.

Ask Away!


Web Design and Development Services - FAQs

Websites can last forever, but they should be tested routinely and evaluated for accuracy. For example, business details like location, phone numbers, and links may need to be updated. Content and information like blogs or pricing require regular updating to ensure customers are viewing the correct information. The website itself may last forever, but the content needs to be reviewed and updated consistently.

Both. Customers use both. Granted, mobile apps are the future, but web application use remains high. Consider creating a website and a partner mobile app. The most important part is to ensure both display the same information and the information is accurate.

Websites and mobile apps include technology that can track customer searches, page clicks, and customer service issues. By leveraging your business data, automated analytics reports provide useful metrics you can use to reach and serve more customers.

Chatbots, additional communication channels are all enhanced by AI and ML technology. You can record and track customer service conversations, purchases, and client feedback all automatically. Provide initial level contact using chatbots and alternative channels to, and keep agents focused on solving more difficult customer issues.

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