3 Core Components
of Your Digital Transformation

Intelligent Automation

Repetitive workflow tasks can be a drain on your team. We can develop custom automation solutions and utilize valuable digital tools like AI and RPA to take as many repetitive tasks out of human hands as possible so that they can be completed via intelligent automation processes.

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Digital Experience

A proper digital transformation puts people first. We follow the best practices of HCD to unite all human experiences across your organization. This means your digital solution will enhances all experiences - customer experience (CX), employee experience (EX), user experience (UX), and multi-experience (MX).

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Data Management & Analytics

Harness the power of your information to make decisions scientifically, improve operational efficiency, and capitalize on business intelligence. Our teams unite data across your business by building and optimizing platforms using digital tools that securely cleanse, analyze, and model data to achieve world class results.

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RD Global Is Your
Dedicated Digital Solution Partner

As digital transformation continues to sweep across all industries, having human-focused automated digital systems in place has become a requirement to stay competitive and grow. Both customers and employees are demanding access to intuitive tools influenced by human-centered design to complete tasks.

I need help transforming my business
with modern IT

With the enduring changes brought on by COVID:19, enterprise IT systems need to be resiliently redesigned in order to support anywhere operations across the company from edge to core.

Modern IT prioritizes collaborative environments that boost productivity and intelligently automate routine operations and tasks. RD Global can create seamless digital environments that centralizes information allowing individuals to securely access necessary information and make informed decisions.

I need a coach to accelerate
digital transformation.

Embracing digital transformation allows you to modernize operations, drive growth and differentiate your company from the competition.

The team at RD Global works side by side with stakeholders across your organization to evaluate business processes, information sources, and technology adoption.

As an extension of your team, we identify areas of opportunities and prioritize initiatives that will quickly deliver measurable benefits. Then our solution experts build, enhance, and optimize software to create a comprehensive digital experience that reduces organizational debt to deliver ROI.

We Specialize in
Intelligent Enterprise Applications

Agile Software
We follow best practices for iterative, intuitive solution development.
SaaS Product
Outsource your SaaS product development to our team for turn-key deployment.
Our solution architects are up-to-date on the most relevant engineering languages and frameworks.
Services (UX)
Our expert UX developers can ensure your digital solution is designed to succeed.
Our iOS and Android experts are well-versed in the specific mobile app requirements for insurtech.
We know exactly what it takes to increase conversion rates when developing for Ecommerce.
Content Management
Our solution architects are able to develop robust data management systems for insurtech.
Increase security and reduce latency by utilizing our cloud services.
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"Digital technology is revolutionizing the insurance industry. We're able to accomplish more in shorter periods of time while also delivering higher quality services to our customers. Any company reluctant to adopt a digital transformation plan is missing out."
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Comprehensive Digital Claims & Self-Service Experience

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Client Story

Insurtech Multi-Rater Quote-to-Bind Platform

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Common Customer Questions

Human-centered design (HCD) is a core component of a well-thought-out digital transformation strategy. It puts the human perspective first in all decisions made regarding implementation, development, and design in a digital environment. HCD has proven to reduce friction, increase conversion rates, and vastly improve the digital experience for companies’ customs and employees.

Having a robust data management system in place unlocks many benefits for companies; it’s the difference between trying to see and manage your organization’s data while standing on a molehill versus hovering above with a drone. Implementing top-tier data management systems is one of RD Global’s core specialties and we’re happy to set up a call to discuss your exact needs!

All you need is your vision for the digital transformation you’d like for your company, our team of expert developers will handle the rest. Schedule a discovery call today to learn about everything we can do for you

RD Global Empowers Insurance Companies to
optimize total digital experience, unify data, and harmonize
processes by developing high impact technology solutions
infused with a 5-star customer experience.