Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Company’s Mobile App Development Strategy

BY: Ashish Joshi
FEBRUARY 7, 2023

Today’s world is mobile. Customers expect the same quality of service from you regardless of whether they’re on their desktop, tablet, or mobile. If you want to ensure your business isn’t left behind, it’s time to start thinking about digital solutions that can help improve your mobile app development.

Your mobile strategy should help you make the most of your time and resources, connect with customers in new ways, and optimize performance. This way, you don’t have to worry about wasting time on manual tasks or losing out on revenue because of an outdated process.

If you’re not using mobile solutions in your business, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to reach new customers, convert them into leads and sales, and improve your bottom line.

10 Ways to Level Up Your Mobile App Development Strategy

The average American spends 88% of their mobile time using an app. A mobile strategy makes your business more accessible, convenient, and efficient. That’s why ensuring that you have the right digital solutions to support your business is essential. When you’re thinking about how to improve your mobile strategy, keep these tips in mind.

1 Use Mobile SEO Best Practices

SEO optimizing for mobile is the first step to ensuring your users have a better mobile experience. Make it straightforward for search engines to crawl, index, and display content from your site on mobile devices.

When optimizing for mobile, it’s important not just how content appears but also how it sounds. For example, larger font sizes can help ensure that users can read the text without straining their eyes or zooming in too much. Similarly, avoid images that are too large or too small.

2 Check Functionality on Multiple Devices

Use cross-platform mobile development so that your site looks good regardless of whether someone uses an iPhone or Android device or an iPad or laptop computer (whatever device their browser supports).

Developing multiple devices can be challenging. You need to consider each device’s screen sizes and resolutions when creating your app. It is also crucial to ensure your app’s user experience is consistent across all supported platforms.

3 Personalize Customer Experiences

Personalizing customer experiences can help you improve your mobile strategy. Instead of sending customers a generic message about your product or service, you can send them a message tailored to their needs using analytics.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology allows software programs to learn based on user input. This data then allows you to send personalized offers to customers. You can personalize customer experiences by sending coupons or promotional codes based on past purchases.

4 Rethink Your Mobile UX

A streamlined UX might encourage more people to use a specific app or website over others because it feels more intuitive and convenient. A good user experience design will help you retain customers and turn them into repeat users. It’ll also help your company develop a reputation for creating products that are easy to use and provide enjoyable interactions.

So how do you design an app that is easy for people to use? Here are some tips:

  • Focus on simplicity. The simpler your app is, the easier it will be to use.
  • Keep the layout organized. You don’t want to give users too many options at once. Instead, focus on helping them find what they’re looking for quickly
  • Make sure everything works. If functions don’t work right away, fix them fast

For example, suppose you want to increase sales on your eCommerce website or mobile app. In that case, you need to improve the user experience design so that customers can easily find what they’re looking for and complete transactions with minimal effort.

5 Make Your App Accessible Offline and Online

In mobile app development, you must consider that the user may not always have internet access or consistent speeds. The app needs to be able to work offline. The app needs to be able to work even when the user is on a plane or traveling in a remote location with spotty internet connections.

You can do this by building your app with a hybrid approach that allows it to work offline and online or by creating a fully functional version that doesn’t require an internet connection (like messaging apps).

6 Maintain Consistency Across Devices

You want customers to feel like they can always go back to their favorite apps or websites and find them exactly as they left them. That’s why keeping your app or website layout consistent across all platforms is essential, even if you’re building a new one.

With a consistent UI, it’s easier for users to find what they’re looking for because they already know the layout. As a result, they spend more time enjoying what your app or website offers.

7 Leverage Geo-Targeting

Geo-targeting is serving specific content to people based on their location. It’s a great way to improve your mobile experience by tailoring it to the user. For example, geo-targeting can ensure that people near that area see ads for that product if you’re trying to sell a product in a specific area. Or if you’re selling a service, such as a car repair or medical care, geo-targeting can help you reach customers looking for these services within their area.

Also, geo-targeting allows you to create personalized ads relevant to users’ interests and wants. For example, if someone is looking at apartments online, they might see an advertisement for a new apartment complex that just opened near them.

8 Automate Customer Service Functions

With AI, you can create a bot that will help your customers in various ways. For example, it can help them navigate through the website or app by providing relevant information and solutions to their problems. It can also offer personalized recommendations based on their previous orders and browsing history.

Another way to use AI is to automate the customer service process. This capability will save time and money for both your employees and customers. In addition, you can use automation to create automatic responses based on customer actions or inputs.

9 Improve Accessibility

Accessibility is a vital component of the mobile app experience. Unfortunately, over 97% of websites fail to follow web accessibility guidelines. There are a few ways to improve your app’s accessibility and make it more usable for all audiences.

For example, if most of your users have visual impairments, you can use color contrast in menus and buttons. This contrast helps them navigate through the interface without relying on sight alone. A text-to-speech function can help those with motor skill issues or hearing loss.

10 Implement Intelligent Automation

Using intelligent automation is key to improving your mobile app development strategy. This concept combines data, analytics, and machine learning to create a system that learns from past experiences and makes better future decisions.

By using intelligent automation, you can:

  • Drive more conversions on your website by using data to determine what content is most likely to convert
  • Automate the process of planning and executing campaigns across multiple channels such as email, social media, and SMS
  • Analyze customer behavior so that you can predict future actions based on previous actions

Intelligent automation uses AI-based technology to help your business get better results from its mobile efforts so you can focus on other things.


Mobile strategy is a complex topic, but there are some basic things you can do to improve your approach. First, ensure your mobile strategy aligns with the rest of your business. Why bother if it doesn’t fit your overall goals and vision?

Second, get clear on what your customers want. You need to know what they’re looking for to provide it. If you don’t know what they want, determine how to give it to them. Third, optimize your apps for speed and efficiency. The faster they load and run, the better. These improvements will contribute directly to greater user satisfaction and retention.

One way to ensure your mobile strategy is on track is by partnering with a company that understands the nuances of your business. Contact RD Global to learn more about mobile app development services.

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FEBRUARY 7, 2023
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