How to Choose the Right Salesforce Development Agency

BY: Ashish Joshi
FEBRUARY 17, 2023

Salesforce is a robust sales-focused platform that has changed the way businesses interact with their customers. It enables teams to increase sales and improve customer service through powerful features such as automation, analytics, and customization.

However, the platform requires a specialized set of skills and experience to develop, manage, and maintain it. Businesses struggle to access the full benefits and advantages of using Salesforce due to their lack of technical knowledge. Therefore, the right Salesforce development agency can come in handy.

Salesforce development agencies have extensive experience in building applications and integrations on the Salesforce platform. Their services encompass front-end development (user interface design) and back-end development (building application logic). They are a one-stop shop for all your Salesforce customization needs.

Choosing the right Salesforce professional services can be a challenging task. It may be difficult to find an agency that meets your company’s specific needs and objectives. Here are the steps you should follow when selecting a Salesforce developer in the USA:

5 Steps to Find the Right Salesforce Developer

Finding the right Salesforce developer for your business is no easy task. With so many development companies in the USA, it can be hard to choose which one best suits your needs. By following these simple steps, you can make sure you find a Salesforce developer who meets all of your expectations.

1. Understand Your Needs

A successful project requires an understanding of your specific needs and objectives. Before meeting with potential teams, outline your business process, vision, mission, and short-term and long-term goals. Both your values and the developers should align. You want a clear understanding of your expectations, so the team can adequately assess your needs and provide data-driven recommendations. 

Look for a development team who offers Salesforce-managed services tailored to meet those needs. You will want to work with an agency to:

  • Understand your objectives
  • Identify potential challenges
  • Develop the best possible Salesforce solution for your project

Consider the size of your company and the scope of your project to estimate what you will need moving forward accurately. Don’t forget to ensure the communication methods are ideal. Find out how and when you can access the team and what channels they use to communicate. 

2. Research Potential Salesforce Service Providers

When researching Salesforce development agencies, be sure to take into account a range of factors. These include the agency’s:

  • Experience in Salesforce development
  • Specific Salesforce implementation services
  • Salesforce application development services
  • Salesforce consulting capabilities
  • Pricing and payment options
  • Customer service levels
  • Past client reviews
  • Specialties they may have

An experienced Salesforce development agency will have a dedicated team of experts to help with your project.

Make sure the Salesforce implementation partner can provide ongoing support and maintenance services after they have completed their project.

Check if they offer a help desk where customers can contact them with any questions or concerns related to Salesforce usage.

You want to find a Salesforce partner that can provide reliable feedback and testimonials from other customers. During this research phase, you can determine if the development team is customer-centric. This should be a critical factor in your decision.

3. Establish Your Budget

Knowing how much you can afford to spend on Salesforce development is essential. Ensure you can easily communicate your budget to the Salesforce development company so they can provide an accurate quote.

Evaluate the Salesforce development agency’s pricing structure and compare it to others in the industry. Be sure that you are getting the most cost-effective solution for your Salesforce customization and implementation needs. Take into consideration different costs including fees for licensing and support, hourly rates, and new software.

With an investment in Salesforce development services, you can reduce operating costs. It can streamline processes, improve customer experience, and reduce costs associated with managing Salesforce operations.

The cost savings that Salesforce provides can be used to reinvest in other Salesforce development projects. This is an ongoing cost-effective solution.

4. Ask Your Network

Don’t be afraid to ask friends, family, or colleagues for recommendations of Salesforce development companies in the USA.

Word-of-mouth is still one of the best ways to find reliable services. You can get valuable insights from other people’s experiences. Plus, by checking with your network, you can trust the intel you are receiving. 

Utilize social media platforms such as LinkedIn to collect valuable insights from peers. Take advice from peers with similar requirements and situations to yours so you know the advice is specific to your vision.

Then, you can combine personal recommendations with your online research to choose the best possible salesforce development company for your business.

5. Evaluate Qualifications and Experience

The Salesforce development team should have extensive experience in Salesforce customization and implementation. They should also understand your specific business requirements and provide tailored solutions accordingly. Ask for references and detailed case studies of past projects they have completed successfully. 

Look for certifications that show their knowledge of Salesforce development, such as:

  • Certification from
  • Experience from successful Salesforce implementation projects
  • Certifications provided to individual consultants

A consultant should have at least an Administrator certification. There are also different levels of certifications based on the developers’ expertise, success rates, and engagement. Make sure to ask about the team dynamic – you want a team with diverse talent and certified Salesforce developers.

Why Choose RD Global For Salesforce Development?

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At RD Global, we have certified developers with extensive experience in Salesforce development and deployment. With our help, you can ensure that your Salesforce system is up-to-date and delivering optimal customer service.

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