Convergent Technology is Transforming the Digital Landscape

BY: Ashish Joshi
DECEMBER 3, 2020

Technology is a lot of things, but if pushed to narrow it down to one description, technology is disruptive. With the power to impact virtually every aspect of personal and business life, technology steers the trajectory of the world, at an alarmingly rapid rate. This type of global power cannot be overstated. So, when a company looks to grow, their digital footprint must be at the epicenter of conversation.

The real question that comes into the play is this: How can a business take their ideas, business processes, and marketing strategies and digitize them?

In essence, how can a business converge all of their systems to work together in a meaningful, effective manner?

The answer lies in convergent technology.

Convergence in technology, otherwise known as convergent technology, speaks to different subsets of technology slowly but surely integrating and eventually becoming unified. An example that puts this into simple context involves computers, telephones, and televisions. These devices were once completely independent and unrelated technologies. Today, these three have converged due the push from software and digital electronics.

Companies looking to survive in a post-COVID world are tasked with the responsibility to take a long, hard look at convergent technology solutions and how they will drive scalability, and thus, overall business success.

The Importance of Digital Convergence

Convergence is what happens when independent lines of accelerating technology converge with other independent lines of accelerating technology. It is not just that artificial intelligence (AI) is a disruptive technology in its own right, and it is. It is that AI is converging at the same time as augmented reality (AR) and that core CPUs are doubling (exponentially) in power and dropping in price every year. All of these independent disruptive technologies are converging at the same time.

Here’s some food for thought: In 2023, an average laptop ($1,000 or less) will have the same compute power to that of the human brain (based on cycles). By 2050, a single $1,000 laptop will have the compute power of all humans on earth.

These numbers are hard to grasp. One key takeaway, however, is that disruptive convergent technologies are having a massive impact on and are essentially re-inventing every industry. From retail to advertising to manufacturing to entertainment to education, and on and on.

Moore’s law comes to mind in the context of convergence in technology. According to Moore’s law, computer speed and capability will increase every couple of years and then consumers will pay less for them. This is the result of the number of transistors on microchips doubling every two years.

With this in mind, if a company, school, hospital, manufacturer, etc. is able to digitize their business and, more importantly, digitizes their connections with customers and/or employees then Moore’s law is applicable, and the company can begin to scale exponentially. The sooner a company becomes digital and can be programmed into 0’s and 1’s, the sooner scalability becomes attainable.

RD Global is Your Convergent Technology Resource

RD Global has mastered convergent technology solutions. We help companies in their journey to digital transformation. We can take their ideas, business processes, and marketing strategies and digitize them. In doing so, we turn them into better, stronger, faster, and, most importantly, scalable connections.

Buying patterns and behaviors have been permanently altered by digital convergence. Systems and operations are hinged on convergent technology. This trend will continue to underline the value of technical organization and efficiency. Working with a partner that understands the impact of convergent technologies and has the experience to help transform a business from “survive” to “thrive” is crucial in these times.

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Written by Ashish Joshi

"After years of guiding teams of software engineers to deliver large enterprise solutions and complex data integration projects with unmatched accountability, Ashish Joshi manages our expert Research & Development team and is ultimately responsible for the financial management, quality, and timely delivery of projects for our customers.​"

DECEMBER 3, 2020
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