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We strongly believe to follow detailed business process assessment before we take up any RPA development project in hand. For the same RD Global Inc has come with methodology and framework prioritization which helps to analyse different parameters of business process. Once we have done the work we plan the right approach for implementation and use the right toolsets for the RPA development process.

RD Global Inc has deep knowledge regarding all the technologies which are used for efficient bot development. Our team of developers have the experience and expertise of working on different automated features while developing different applications. We thrive to offer quality BOT development services by setting high standard for our services. We help you with Telegram bot development, Slack bot development and Facebook bot development services.

Here at RD Global Inc we offer a variety of Internet of Things Development services to our clients. Our proficient team and knowledge of advanced technologies help us to develop IoT solutions like veterans. We focus on to develop solutions that will transform your devices into smarter ones. Some of the IoT services that we offer here include IoT consultancy, IoT app development, app development for IoT devices, implementation & support as well as maintenance services.Learn More

Through our IT process automation services we work on to improve the consistency and accuracy of IT processes all the while saving cost and time. Our IT Operation Management is focused on to automate repetitive and daily IT tasks so as to improve efficiency. IT service management offers support to LI and L2 support services and automates them. In order to detect security threats automatically and eliminate potential risks we came up with security operations centre. In short we focused on to automate all the manual processes and repetitive tasks across all the systems.

With this service we work on to help our clients have better customer service as well as scale businesses without having to add in additional resources. We focus on the Human Resource, Finance and Accounting, Insurance and Customer Experience Management areas. Right from getting new employees on board to maintaining them we streamline all the processes related to Human Resource. Whether it is handling credit operations or payment processing, we handle everything related to Finance and Accounting. We help with managing customer data efficiently and help to offer round the clock customer management. Again, we handle all the tasks related to claim processing, transaction processing, insurance product management, etc. that falls under the Insurance section.

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