Why ASP.NET Technology For Web Application Development?

BY: Ashish Joshi
MAY 16, 2019

Gone are the days of legacy systems! Today businesses and enterprises are moving from it towards more dynamic, fresh and robust web applications. Among all other technology solutions like HTML5, PHP, Magento, WordPress, and others, today, Microsoft’s ASP.NET has come up as a popular choice among organizations. ASP.NET is quite a powerful technology which has the ability to take your business to the next level with its feature of scalability.

However we have seen many choices out there and so why it has to be ASP.NET technology? Why businesses should go for it?

No doubt there are a number of reasons which support this step and the same has been explained below:

Web Application Development with ASP.NET

NET is a brilliant software development framework that comes from Microsoft. Whether it is about building a simple app or one with complex features, developers can rely on to achieve their goal by opting for ASP.NET. By using the programming languages of C++, C#, VB, JS along with the use of OOP, SOAP, WDSL, XML, ASP and UDDI it is possible to build applications that have reusable codes.

Prominent Benefits of ASP.NET Technology

This open source web application framework comes with its set of benefits. The same has been explained here:

  • When it comes to developing robust, dynamic and scalable web applications, ASP.NET is quite useful.
  • As ASP.NET comes with in-built per-application configuration and Windows authentication, you will be able to build best applications that are very much secured.
  • By using ASP.NET you can build large applications just with minimum coding.
  • The Microsoft framework offers designer and toolbox in development environment of Visual Studio. It comes with developer friendly features like WYSIWYG editing, automatic deployment and drag and drop server controls for ASP.NET.
  • In order to replace the dead ones with the new, all the applications in ASP.NET handle requests in runtime by properly monitoring and managing processes.
  • With ASP.NET, you can take care of even the simpler tasks like client authentication, form submission, site configuration to deployment.
  • Because of the presence of HTML and source code it is easy for developers to create and maintain applications with ASP.NET and so it is most preferred by them.
  • ASP.NET languages can be built to be independent. This means the users can have the facility to make the choice as per their wish and convenience.
  • ASP.NET is a server side technology and this ensures that the code in the application is executed on the server.

In case of ASP.NET application there is no process followed for registering the components as the configuration information is built-in. This makes sure that the application gets easily deployed.

  • As seen above ASP.NET applications get executed on the server. Such applications checks components, pages and applications. This helps to find any infinite loops, memory leaks and presence of any illegal activities.
  • As ASP.NET is built with ADO.NET using page formatting and data binding features. So it can be considered best for building complicated web applications.

Types of Application Development with ASP.NET


Microsoft offers a number of advantages and one of them is MVC architecture. ASP.NET technology is based on it. From the perspective of developers, it is easy to build applications using this technology. By using this MVC architecture, it is possible to build even the most complex applications within less amount of time. Based on the requirements of the business applications, the developers get to enjoy the flexibility which can help them customize the behaviour and patterns of the MVC architecture.

Web Pages

The development of web pages with ASP.NET encourages developers to go ahead and bring together HTML and PHP. Just by putting less to minimum amount of coding efforts, it is possible to create ASP.NET based web pages through Rapid Application Development.

Web Forms

When you have to build fast, small, and dynamically performing applications; this kind of ASP.NET development works. Compared to the MVC pattern, this type of development needs less coding all the while offering better control to the developers.

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Written by Ashish Joshi

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MAY 16, 2019
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