Benefits of Building .NET Solutions with Big Data Integration

BY: Ashish Joshi
AUGUST 14, 2019

For a long time, .NET development and big data integration has been a talk of the town. With .NET becoming one of the favorite options to build software solutions for the developers, the adoption of Big Data has also increased much. With it, it becomes possible for the developers to work on complex and huge projects with ease by using the built-in functionalities in there. The demand of Big Data Development services has increased in the market due to its robust, secure and flexible nature. For the same reason, a number of initiatives are taking up in this area.

The companies which are working on data batch processing and analytics assets are now ready to open arms and embrace Big Data keeping in mind its increasing demand. IoT devices and user clicks are used to gather and aggregate the data in order to come up with the best solution. Apart from that, Big Data has been seen to have a better position in the world of technologies. Today, the integration of Big Data into technologies like .NET, where data analytics can be put to use – can help build solutions that best fit the market needs.

Big data and Microsoft .NET integration

Microsoft now has started to work in the area of data analytics by teaming up with Hadoop. Today this is considered as more of a significant step towards carrying out programming. Currently, large volumes of data are being used up by companies to come up with effective and quick insights. The main idea behind taking up such a step is to make the best use of the technology that is available to us. Such a step will let big data to work with flexibility and scalability with the company dealing with .NET development. Now, this can be said as one of the main reasons why big data integration with .NET plays a significant role.

There are some benefits too for integrating Big Data with .NET and they are as explained below:

Data Accuracy

Data accuracy is one of the main issues that we have to deal with Big Data solutions. The data is collected from different sources like feedback, surveys and questionnaires received from customers. Another set of information about customers is collected from the cookies which are placed on the websites. The data is placed together and a holistic approach is taken up to get accurate insights from it. All this together helps the business make the right decisions.

The main focus of Big Data Development Services should be to collect maximum volume of data as possible so as to work towards reducing maximum amount of issues. For any company, the inherent risks are the important ones and they need to resolve them. This way it becomes possible to move the data within a secure environment so that the decisions here will not be made using misinformed or uninformed data. So by minimizing risks, accurate data will flow through secure channels.

Business Decisions

When the companies plan to go ahead with .NET and Big Data integration, they get to make decisions which are based on specific questionnaire and other data collection points. This improves the system completely. Today the whole process of enterprise application development is based on what the customers need. The solution is build keeping the focus on brand and what the users expect from the potential application.

One of the main benefits of opting for Big Data integration is that it lets businesses to learn from data which can in turn help with answering queries and analyzing situations. The .NET development services are focused on handling important tasks that gets more complex with time. Moreover, it also works towards dealing with challenging and time-consuming tasks so that most of issues would get resolved quickly. So throughout the entire process, it is aimed to shorten the development cycle by using data intelligence.


.NET helps the developers to go for latest technology like Hadoop for their projects. This is to let them develop their skill sets as well as go through major transformations all the while ensuring that you have a secure flow to use data analytics. However, today the demand for skills needed for developer profile has changed and increased a lot, and companies are looking to develop more advanced technology solutions. So the environment which allows development in integrated way has a better spot. This helps the developers to focus on large amount of data through efficient system.

So, apart from Big Data Solutions, Hadoop is also said to have a major focus on the .NET development. This ensures the solution is developed and delivered in a secure manner. This way developers can now develop solutions that are of top most quality.

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Written by Ashish Joshi

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AUGUST 14, 2019
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