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About RD Global
Guiding customers through digital projects with a team of technology experts

RD Global is a Software Development & Consultancy company that specializes in​ developing enterprise level software solutions for clients in the Insurance, Healthcare, Retail and Financial Services industries. ​Our office is located in Fort Lauderdale, FL, which allows us to cater to companies around the globe.​

Our Differentiators

Our innovative and forward-looking digital solutions leverage automation through artificial intelligence and merge expert web development with cutting-edge technologies.

By delivering digital solutions that work on so many different levels, we can create a cohesive digital presence for your business that gives it a competitive advantage and keeps it moving forward.

Value Proposition

RD Global is driven by an ethos of “Customer for Life”, which represents a philosophy of building collaborative partnerships and creating long-term value for clients. The willingness to invest in the relationship, the commitment to deliver outstanding outcomes, and the track record of execution excellence have resulted in high satisfaction levels and long, enduring customer relationships.

Our approach is built upon creating experienced customer-facing teams as well as a high level of engagement with our senior leadership.


We help our clients with their digital transformation through innovative thinking and development that adds value to their business.


Our advanced technology centers provide cost-effective solutions and the versatility demanded by our clients.

Engagement Model

Our expert client collaboration enables better coordination and communication between us and our customers.

Governance Model

Our members ensure accuracy, control and best practices throughout conception, planning, execution and delivery.

Our People

Our team brings an unrivaled combination of insight, innovation, technical knowledge and methodologies to our clients.


We achieve trust, the cornerstone of our relationship, by our unparalleled commitment to our clients’ data security and privacy.