Software Development and Testing: Best Practices to Follow For Software Impact Analysis

BY: Ashish Joshi
OCTOBER 15, 2019

In order to identify and understand the main reasons behind the disastrous failure of software startups, different in-depth researches are going on. The poor quality guarantee related to the process of software development is considered as one of the top reasons for such a disastrous failure. In order to make sure that poor quality products are not developed and delivered to the end clients, it is important to implement strict quality assertion test for software. The business may face huge financial losses if even minor issues are not detected and resolved. The ideal way to deliver bug-free and high quality software products is by making use of best practices and effective software testing tools.

When it comes to liable requirements management, impact analysis is considered as the chief feature. Impact analysis helps you get a complete idea of the impact that reflects due to a change proposal. So the proposal which needs to be approved is known to the team members. Based on this analysis, the change proposal can be scrutinized by the team and they can know which parts need to be created, modified or discarded. It should also be focused on assessing the effort which needs to be applied to make the change. The size of the task does not get changed by avoiding the impact analysis but, it definitely comes up as a surprise and for product development, surprises are not always good. This means when it comes to a change request, as a software developer you should not be always responding negatively. Rather, you should be going ahead with the ideal software testing thing.

There are some best practices which you need to follow when it comes to carrying out impact analysis in software development and testing.

Basic Things

In order to identify the risks that come up when making any changes during the software testing, software developers make use of impact analysis. Impact analysis is also used when some changes are to be made in the requirements, when introducing new module, as receipt for product modification request and when changes are made in the existing modules and product features.

You can identify the impact of the changes in the functionalities and modules as well as learn how they happen, through impact analysis. Moreover, it can be used by the software developers to come up with new test case to cover the new feature and to know its influence during the testing process.

The Software Impact Analysis Includes The Following:

  • Impact analysis of dependency: It looks for things which need to be changed based on the new modification and also looks for potential consequences which can come up with such modifications.
  • Impact analysis of traceability: This is all about estimating the modifications which occur during development documentation and different levels of testing.
  • Experiential impact analysis: It estimates the influence of risks on timetable, work and resources as well as estimates its numbers.

Procedure For Impact Analysis

The Important Parts of Impact Analysis are:
  • Identify the tasks which have to be carried out by the developers and based on that, try to know the effort which has to be put in place to get the work done.
  • While making changes, try to understand its possible outcomes.
  • In case the changes are to be made as per the request of the team, identify all the documents, models and files which will need to have changes too.

Impact analysis is greatly influenced by the traceability data which is used to connect the downstream products aids with the affected necessity. Comprehending the impact helps the developers to respond to the changes accurately and fast irrespective of the way the developers choose to approach it. The projects which focus on quality and safety as issues need to have impact analysis as its major factor. So for the developers, it is very important for them to have a clear idea of the set of necessities and features which will have to go through retesting once the change is executed.

Procedure for Impact Analysis is as Mentioned Below:
  • Identify the sequence to perform the tasks and how the current ones can be interleaved.
  • Know whether the critical part of the project will be having modification.
  • Based on the schedule and cost of the project, understand effect of change proposal approximately.
  • Understand the priority of modification
  • All the stakeholders should be reported regarding the outcome of the impact analysis. This will help them to decide whether to keep the change request or not.

Software Quality Control

The best thing about quality management is that it aims to fulfil quality necessities through a set of activities. Software quality control is all about having activities which are product-oriented and about ensuring quality of the software products before they are actually released to the market.

For Developer The Software Impact Analysis

It is important for the developer to possess a few skills in order to get done with impact analysis. Like:
  • Keeping the document for impact analysis up-to-date
  • Track the resources which is shared among the people
  • Keep program module relationships researched

You will quickly get a positive outcome when you meet these requirements. So the developer should go ahead and come to a conclusion where they can learn to track module relationships. Whatever output they get at the final stage should be considered as the final product of all the efforts and reduce the risks associated with bug detection.

Planning The QA Processes and Testing

An ideal SW test plan is said to be having proper documentation and definition. Taking this step will help the software team to have an effective communication. This means that building a software testing planning is all about developing test plans which will help to maintain the quality of the project.

Choosing The Test Cases

When it comes to improving software testing, choosing the right test cases play a very crucial role. Most of the time software developers are quite confused when it comes to choosing test cases. In case you are facing the same issue, you can think about writing service or taking the help of a professional. They will recommend you some solution or offer you with a list of things that you can do.

Effectively Reporting The Bugs

When it comes to simplifying software testing process, having an effective and efficient bug report can do wonders. Such a report will help the developers to quickly identify any issues in the project and thus quickly work towards resolving it.

Innovation Introduction Features

The main purpose of coming up with impact analysis is that the developers can get information about the project architecture. This will help them to properly define the scope, sequence and level of testing. Some of the features which are included in the innovation introduction are:

  • Have discussions and meetings to resolve procedure issues.
  • Estimate the testing scope properly and test the areas with concentrated bugs.

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OCTOBER 15, 2019
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