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At RD Global, we specialize in RPA processes that automate rule-based tasks relating to information technology, customer service, administration, overall workflow and much more. With RD Global’s expert Robotic Process Automation consulting services, many tasks and processes in your company can be automated, enhanced and completed in a more efficient manner.


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RPA Development Services For Your Business

Through the years, the demand for timely, cost-effective business solutions has led the world into an era of increased adoption of automated services.

For good measures, too.

There are many different facets of a business that can be automated, which helps your business grow and gives your employees more time to focus on high-level tasks.

BOT Development

Chatbots are the best of both worlds. The end-user receives thoughtful responses from a virtual assistant with no extra fluff. Chatbots can be successfully used to convert customer sales, generate leads, onboard new employees and so much more.

As RPA consultants, we will build a customized chatbot from scratch — or use a design you already like — then integrate it on your site and incorporate powerful analytics and human behavior to increase user intent. By incorporating a chatbot, it effectively automates a timely process and helps to reduce employee hours spent on communication.

IoT Development

IoT development can sync to devices using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, which potentially opens your company up to a slew of new customers. Through our custom IoT modules and applications, we can get your business running quicker by safely collecting, storing and transmitting data over a secure network instantly.

We can also create a more efficient workflow for your business by building a robust plan for business intelligence, machine learning or another area of your company and then implementing it on a wireless-connected device. With RD Global’s robotic process automation services, your business is open around the clock — worldwide.

IT Process Automation

Our information technology (IT) process automation services focus solely on the world of IT, helping to automate certain facets of one of your business’ most important departments. By developing a custom robotic process automation tool for your IT department, we can easily eliminate repetitive tasks that are commonly prone to human error and much more.

We can also create software that automates workflows, processes and tools used in your company’s IT department. All of our robotic process automation services meet the highest in security standards and can detect security threats automatically to eliminate potential risks.

Business Process Automation

By utilizing our business process automation services, your company can delegate the routine, easily automated tasks to automated software and bots. By doing this, our products take a data-driven approach to work alongside your employees, which helps to cut down labor hours and allows your employees to focus on higher-level tasks.

The best part about RPA as a service is that your automated tasks can run 24 hours a day without skipping a beat. We can help you determine which processes benefit from automation, then design and develop customized business robotic process automation to implement into your system.

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