Top Enterprise Mobile App Development Trends To Watch Out For In 2019

BY: Ashish Joshi
APRIL 23, 2019

Enterprise processes go through revolutionary changes depending on the technologies that thrive. If we look into different domains like blockchain, AR, VR, AI and wearables; it is evident that it has undergone different technological advancements over the years. In order to keep up with the changing business scenario, these latest trends are used by entrepreneurs into their enterprise mobile app development to move fast and get into the next level of business growth.

So here are the top enterprise mobile app development trends which are set to leave a mark in case of enterprise mobility solutions in 2019.


The use of wearables is no more considered as a fashion statement today. The times have changed and many enterprises across the globe has started to understand it’s important and so allows its employees to use them for accessing company data and apps. With WYOD (Wear Your Own Device) concept getting popular, it will not be too far that you will see companies promoting their employees towards it. When it comes to enterprise app development, businesses will have to look forward to wearable app development too in 2019 and ahead. Again, for mobile app developers, it will become important for them to understand the kind of the usage pattern followed by the employee to come up with app which has all the desired functionality and features as expected.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

The use of AR and VR technologies have gone a step ahead in terms of mobile app development and it is now more than just for gaming industry. AR and VR based apps are now becoming popular in case of enterprise app development and it has started to include industry sectors like reality, health and manufacturing. You can have AR and VR based apps to serve a number of purposes right from training to data visualization. It is a fact that these technologies are yet to be explored completely and this means that once they are known and got streamlined, we will be able to have products developed which comes with new added features.

Data Storage And Sharing

For an enterprise mobile app, real-time data access is one of the many objectives they want to achieve. Enterprise apps are now generating data in higher volumes and so to manage and store them quickly is a real headache for them. With proper enterprise mobile apps in place it will be become possible to store and access such data from anywhere with ease. The mobile app developers working on such projects need to ensure that such data will be available in real time and can be stored securely. In order to store and share data in better manner, in the coming future we will see more advanced cloud-based solutions coming up.

User Experience

When it comes to developing any mobile app, user experience remains the key to success and enterprise app development is no different. When we are talking about user experience it is not limited to the external customers rather it also includes the employees. This means whenever a business plans to develop a mobile app then consider their employees too when working on the user experience of the app. Many businesses believe that apps with rich UI/UX have more chance of attracting users and increasing adoption rates.

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Written by Ashish Joshi

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APRIL 23, 2019
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