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Top Advanced iOS App Development Tips To Follow For Your Project

BY: Martin Dubose

JUNE 11, 2019

When we talk about advanced iOS app development, it is important you follow certain tips and techniques. Only the app which follows it makes to the App Store and wins the hearts of the users. Mostly they are some terms and having an idea about them can be important for your development process.

The top advanced iOS app development tips to follow are:

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Learn Interface Builder

Without writing any code you can design a full interface using Interface builder editor within Xcode. You can design simple user interface by simply dragging and dropping text, labels, buttons and other UI objects to the design canvas.

Utilize Storyboards

Storyboards come as a single file which you have for the entire application and for all screens. This helps you to show all the screens you have in your application as well as help you establish a connection between them.

Storyboard comes with some key components and they are:

  • Scene: A Scene in the storyboard is the view or screen. The UI part which is presented on the screen is nothing but a View.
  • Segues: To represent a transition in iOS app development, a Segues is used
  • Segues identifier: In order to identify a particular segues a unique name is given
Set up Scrum Teams

Scrum teams come useful when you have advanced and larger deployments at work. Scrum teams are nothing but product development strategies which are used to achieve common goal by the development team.

Let’s see how scrum works:

  • A “scrum master” is appointed initially.
  • Tasks are defined and prioritized
  • Planning session takes place for each task
  • Teams have daily meetings
  • The projects which are completed have evaluation and review progress.
Get to know Agile Development

With the help of agile methodology, actual application development starts at this phase. Based on the agile approach, it is believed that each project is different and so it has to be handled differently. Based on the project requirements, existing methods should be customized so as to ensure it best suits the needs.


In agile development practice, sprinting is considered as a term which is all about breaking the product into smaller units which goes through incremental development. The units then are developed through iterations. Every such iteration takes place in one to three weeks and is called as a “sprint”. Here you will find cross-functional teams working on a sprint at a time to take care of various areas like planning, gathering information, design, development, acceptance testing and unit testing.

Advanced iOS Testing and Bug Fixing Terms

It is true that you will face mistakes and bugs in your project even though you will be careful about it at the design and implementation stage. A number of common bugs come up during the iOS app development and there are some iOS testing strategies to take care of them. The same has been explained below:

Automated Testing

When it comes to iOS testing, automated testing is considered as the most advantageous one. By this testing strategy, you can find performance issues and bugs quickly.

Benefits of Automated Testing are:

  • Increases productivity of testing
  • You can run automated testing on multiple devices which save a lot of time.
  • You can run tests on different SDK versions as automated testing can target SDKs.

UI Testing Using UI Automation

UIAutomation comes from Apple and it is a JavaScript library which can be used by developers to conduct automated tests on simulators and real devices.

Benefits of UI Automation

  • Makes use of less memory for the test execution
  • Manual testing requires fewer efforts
  • Simplify the testing procedure.
Get More Information on iTunes Connect

All the information about your app can be entered in the web tool called iTunes Connect for sale in the store. All the information regarding the app including app versions, metadata and builds which you uploaded using Xcode is stored on iTunes Connect. Enter all the needed information before you submit the app.

The market of iOS app development is booming and many more businesses are finding it good to invest in this area. Only an app which has been developed the right way will make it through the review process and find a place in the Apple App Store. So follow these tips and ensure developing an effective and efficient iOS app that generates revenue.