What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Robotic process automation (RPA) is your ticket to seamless, streamlined workflows in your business operations. With this technology, you can automate digital tasks and ensure that they get done around the clock, all without the need for employees to manage those processes manually.

RD Global provides high-impact RPA technology with a 5-star customer experience, ensuring you get the seamless solutions your business needs to succeed.

Since 2014, our advanced teams of project owners, solutions architects, data engineers, and intelligent automation experts have been solving complex digital challenges by engineering top-of-the-line custom RPA software. We find automation opportunities and help you take advantage of them!

How RPA Bot Development Works

RPA development is the creation of custom software solutions that allow you to create software bots, instruct them to complete rules-based business processes, and rely on them to complete those tasks around the clock. These RPA bots interact with your existing systems and applications the same way your staff do, but they take ownership of time-consuming tasks, so your team doesn’t have to expend manpower.

Any type of business can benefit from leveraging RPA development. For instance, SMEs and large enterprises can boost their capacity to scale and reduce their operational costs by outsourcing repetitive and complex tasks to software bots.

In the insurance sector, RPA can help with underwriting, policy administration, claims processing, and fraud detection. Additionally, insurance companies can use RPA for customer service tasks, such as responding to requests for quotes or policy changes.

Why Now Is the Time for RPA

Business operations take up precious time and resources that your team could use strategically instead. Employees spend up to four and a half hours per week on repetitive tasks that could be automated, according to the 2021 Office Worker Survey. That includes bookkeeping tasks, CRM processes, HR tasks, and IT processes, among many others. By 2025, RPA is forecast to save companies up to $7 trillion by reducing repetitive tasks.

By 2023, HFS Research forecasts that the RPA market will grow from $7.2 billion (in 2022) to $10.4 billion, a massive jump that reflects the importance of custom RPA development for business owners worldwide. Now is the time for RPA bot development because, if action is not taken now, you’ll fall behind the rest of the world in adopting this critical operations tool.

In today’s world, remote work is here to stay – and automated processes are the game for employees who rely on streamlined processes and access to information for effective collaboration at a distance. Implementing RPA development services allows remote teams to tap into the flow of information in real time and takes extraneous tasks off their plates.

Not only that, but RPA tools streamline everyday operations by taking ownership of daily processes that otherwise take up critical team resources. Deploying RPA across multiple platforms and systems increases team efficiency, freeing up your team members to spend their resources on upper-level strategic tasks instead.

Benefits of Choosing RD Global as Your RPA Development Company

RD Global is your ideal partner in RPA software development because of our team’s technical expertise and focus on digital transformation.

Our high-impact digital solutions provide intelligent automation and a user-centered approach, allowing you to make the most of your time by automating processes that interfere with your team’s efficiency levels.

When you partner with RD Global’s RPA consultants, you gain access to our unparalleled team of specialists, including intelligent automation experts, business analysts, project owners, solutions architects, and data engineers who work tirelessly to provide you with a five-star customer experience and the results you crave.

Extensive knowledge of business functions and their requirements Our on-site business analysts know how to demystify your business needs and solve your pain points with the best possible solutions.

Solution-agnostic approach: We ask thoughtful questions about what your business needs, and only then do we provide the most optimal solution. There are no cookie-cutter RPA solutions from RD Global – only custom solutions based on your needs.

Partnership with world-class RPA vendors: Our network of top-of-the-line RPA vendors gives us access to the best solutions to your automation needs.

25+ years of expertise in delivering world-class IT solutions: Our extensive experience means our team of project owners, solutions architects, and intelligent automation experts can solve the most complicated business challenges with state-of-the-art RPA.

End-to-end implementation and support: From ideation to deployment and beyond, RD Global is here to support your RPA product as your needs evolve.

Free proof of concepts: For no cost, we’ll provide you with a proof of concept that shows the productivity and cost benefit of deploying RPA solutions.

Affordable automation solution: Robotic process automation doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective. Our solutions are cost-competitive and affordable to any size business.

Achieve Next-Level Operational Efficiency with RPA Services From RD Global!

Scope of Our RPA Implementation Services

Our robotic process automation consultants offer a wide range of services to meet all your automation needs, including:

We’ll evaluate your business and propose a custom solution based on your automation needs. This includes a free proof of concept showing productivity and cost benefits.

We monitor business processes through event logs to analyze your organization’s operational processes, giving us knowledge we can use to tailor your automation solution.

Using the information we gain during process monitoring, we’ll consult with you regarding the best automation solution for your business’ particular needs.

Unlock enhanced operational efficiency through our RPA Development and Consulting Services. Explore the capabilities of automation to optimize processes and amplify productivity.

We assist with local and cloud implementation to get you up-and-running once development and testing are complete.

We continue to support your RPA software beyond the deployment stage, helping your solution evolve as your business needs change.

We staff our organization with top-of-the-line expert developers who have extensive experience in RPA development

RPA Services for Various Industries

Businesses in any industry can benefit from RPA development tools as long as they have processes that can benefit from automation. In short, robotic process automation consulting if your business has operational tasks that are:






However, some businesses are especially well-suited to RPA development methodology as a tool.

These include:

Automation boosts operational efficiency for the insurance industry by simplifying the data collection process underlying claims management and underwriting.

Up to 80% of leading finance companies already use RPA according to Gartner, and for good reason. RPA eliminates human error and standardizes anti-money laundering processes.

The chemical procurement process can be standardized and automated, from purchase planning to inventory control and supply order processing.

Automating processes simplify managing supply inventory, processing health record data, and even scheduling appointments between doctors and patients.

Sorting and processing information and customer claims becomes easy with the implementation of RPA, which can solve queries based on predetermined rules.

Types of RPA Services We Offer

We develop all three major types of robotic process automation: attended RPA, unattended RPA, and hybrid RPA.

For example:

It is the best choice for tasks that are launched by the user (usually because the trigger can be hard for a program to detect). This type of RPA is a good choice for assisting customer service representatives in completing transactions.

It can conduct batch processes on data-related tasks, and is the ideal choice for reducing manual, mundane tasks. You can launch unattended RPA processes by setting triggers for data input, specified intervals, or user initiation.

It uses both attended and unattended RPA bots to automate workflows end-to-end. This is the most flexible RPA design because it allows you to automate both back-end and front-end processes.

RPA tools are more than just automation – they’re the thoughtful use of triggers and actions to handle processes that don’t necessarily need a human touch. Custom automation bot software alleviates the burden of task and process management, freeing up your team for creative and productive pursuits.

Technologies Used for RPA Services

The technologies we use for RPA differ depending on the project and the company’s needs. Our team of expert RPA developers will work with you to determine the best technologies for your project.

Some common robotic process technologies include:

Macros, which automate processes within a single system – the best choice for simple automation that requires only one tool, such as a spreadsheet.

Cognitive automation tools, which utilize screen scraping to complete tasks that require multiple systems on a desktop.

Chatbots for servicing customer requests on a 24/7 basis and solving queries without the input of a CSR.

Why Choose Our RPA Consulting Services?

RD Global Inc. is different from other RPA development companies because we focus on digitally transforming your company to get the results you need. With the right RPA development platform, you can free up your team members for high-level pursuits and let them use their time more efficiently.

Our approach includes:

Based on the data we collect during process mining, we build a smart automation strategy for your business to meet your needs.

Our business analysts and consultants have expertise in many industries, and we’ll create a strategy for your RPA software that reflects what you need.

We have experts in every industry and the research tools to ensure the right approach for your area of business.

We use core technology such as screen scraping, AI, and workflow automation to combine APIs and UI interactions.

We use the best RPA tools on the market to design and develop attended, unattended, and hybrid automation.

We believe in the power of a positive digital experience that transforms your organization for your team and your customers alike.

Ready to Learn More About RPA From Our Automation Experts?

Clients using RPA consulting Services.

UiPath-certified RPA Developers

Robotic Process Automation Services

RD Global is a software consulting company that offers a wide range of RPA service options to meet all your needs, including:

RPA consulting:

  • Rely on RD Global’s business consultants to guide you through any stage of your RPA implementation project.

RPA development outsourcing:

  • Entrust your RPA development project (or its part) to RD Global’s experienced developers and mature PMs.

RPA modernization and support:

  • Get a full revamp of your existing RPA or request regular support and maintenance services to keep it stable and up to date.

Hire RPA Developers:

  • Our team of RPA developers can be hired onsite or offshore – full-time, part-time, or on an hourly basis as per your RPA project requirement.

Have a Question For Our Technology Experts?

Contact us to learn how our experts can help you stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends. We’ll bring your innovative ideas to life, no matter the challenge. Our team is available to speak with you via email, phone, or video call.

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Robotic Process Automation FAQs

There are three major types of RPA. They include:

Attended automation:

This type of bot is triggered by the user for tasks that are typically hard to detect by a program. For instance, a      customer service agent could use attended automation to start a task with a complex multi-part trigger that might not be detected.

Unattended automation:

Unattended RPA is useful for performing batch processes with simple triggers. These can include triggers such as specified intervals, bot initiation, or data input.

Hybrid automation:

This type of automation is ideal for end-to-end automation since it combines attended and unattended bots to complete both back-end and front-end processes.

Front-end RPA works by reading and writing data and capturing events from the UI, recognizing elements of the desktop via properties, and conducting actions based on triggers that it sees. Depending on the tools used, RPA can also work by controlled user interface connectivity, or surface connectivity capabilities

The benefits of RPA include:

● Boosted productivity by allowing humans to work on tasks that require high-end thought and strategy
● Improved efficiency by speeding up processing times, reducing costs, and using your workforce more effectively
● Better data security by reducing the number of times humans have to access and interact with private or personal information
● Consistent performance by eliminating the capacity for human error
● More capacity to scale by improving your ability to handle tasks at volume
● Better customer service experiences by allowing staff to spend more time resolving customer needs and less time on rote tasks

Regular automation is simple scripting that is linear and fixed. RPA bots are dynamic and can learn from data input over time. An RPA bot’s intelligence grows as it accumulates procedural knowledge, while a simple script performs the same way in response to the same triggers each time. Plus, RPA has the capability of interacting with multiple applications at once, an ability that surpasses normal scripted automation.

Companies use RPA to minimize the amount of time their teams spend on mundane or repetitive tasks and processes. For instance, RPA can be used to automate:

● Accounts payable
● Invoice processing
● Claims processing
● Payroll input
● Customer service queries

There’s no average amount of time that an RPA software development project can take. The length of time needed varies depending on factors such as the project scope and size. We’ll work alongside you to determine a project timeline that’s right for your needs.

Each RPA development project has its own cost based on the scope of the project and what it needs to accomplish. Our expert team will work with you to provide a quote that reflects your company’s needs.

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