Now Design Better Mobile User Experience Using Artificial Intelligence

BY: Ashish Joshi
JULY 30, 2019

Imagine the use of artificial intelligence in the areas where you have large volumes of data. Now this may sound to be making sense completely, right? So think that the situation is completely at human discretion? So, what AI has been able to achieve across different industry verticals will be possible in the form of an user interface design which is AI-based?

Designing is something which is always given more importance compared to the data driven side and analytics, keeping human part in mind. There is some scope for machine learning when Product Design or CAD design is in question but in case of mobile app design, there is no place for such scope.

Like any other industry, artificial intelligence have been said to have a place in designing mobile apps and this is where we have a new concept of artificial intelligence user interface design. Now this concept is said to build a new kind of relationship between artificial intelligence and customer experience. Today designers are making use of artificial intelligence in ways in which it can make designing of mobile apps a memorable thing. This happens in a number of ways like:

  • Get insights on which elements are interacting with users and which ones need attention.
  • Get automation for time-taking tasks like resizing images.
  • Establish system consistency between products and users.
  • Take help from AI based translation to make designs localized.

Guiding Principles Which Bring Together Machine Learning and Mobile App Design

Develop a Shared Language

It important for the whole team to understand and share the elements like business goals, product vision and user experience. Only when the machine learning development methods and mobile app design will complement with each other in terms of common language and shared concepts, you will be able to come up with meaningful and intelligent user experience. The user experience designers and machine learning experts should come together to build a blueprint which is common including user interfaces and data pipelines, with the aim to come up with blueprint which works on the base of product planning of the team to meet the reality of users.

Focus on Use Case

It also becomes possible for the mobile app development and design company to know the right KPI for developing the program of user experience by understanding the use case properly. This can then be aligned with the metrics of machine learning.

Mix Qualitative and Quantitative Data

It is important that you consider both quantitative and qualitative data together if you want to know more about the right impact of bringing together user experience design and machine learning. In order to know how the users are finding your app to be, you need to make use of different qualitative research ways like interviews, questionnaires, etc.

The main reason why you should work towards bringing together qualitative and quantitative data when designing the UI of the app is that there may come factors which can affect user experience and machine learning development. Some of such factors are ability of data point capturing user behavior and intention, effectiveness of feedback loop, etc. which is must know parts of app design with artificial intelligence. This can only be understood well when you consider both these types of data.

Take Your Combined Data to Real Life Scenario

How do you ensure that machine learning will help you develop amazing user experience? This can be done when you set up an end to end solution which describes how user experience and machine learning will set in real world. You can come up with MVP which will come with data pipeline that will make it easy to iterate the design based on AI with machine learning models. This can also help you get a feedback from the users through user or beta testing.

Iteration becomes fast and productive when both machine learning experts and UX designers of your AI based app development company come together to share their understanding of issues in product design. On the other hand, designers related to designing user experience become aware of the kind of possibilities that come with machine learning regarding how and when it can be used to improve user experience.

Be Transparent About Collecting Data

There is a need for constant effort when you are designing with and for AI and for it to be effective, you need to put in complete focus on the data which you have collected.

In this whole cyclic process of data collection – convert the data into useful information and then iterate the design, you need to consider the end user.

You can let the users know that their data will be used by AI and then you should offer them a better way to use the information so that the best outcome comes out. Apart from offering the users the option to change what AI collects, you should also offer them the option on what AI learns so that the AI predictions are desirable by the users.

Tools That Can Be Used For AI Influenced Designs

  • Tailor brands
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Prisma and Deepart

UI Patterns For Your App to Add in Some Human Friendly AI

  • Criteria silders
  • Like and dislike button
  • Confidence Inducing Tipss
  • Offer and In and Out Option

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Written by Ashish Joshi

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JULY 30, 2019
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