Magento Multi-store vs Multi Website vs Store View: Know These Differences

BY: Ashish Joshi
MAY 7, 2019

One of the main reasons people prefers Magento is its capability to manage multiple stores and sites just through a single installation. People always think about whether there is any major difference between the different Magento features like Store View, Multi-Store and Website. Again, if you are planning to build your own online store on Magento, you need to understand them and their relevancy for your project. Whenever you plan to depict the benefits of your website or want to imbibe originality in your online store, Magento can be your best choice.

The above mentioned features have own advantages and disadvantages as well as similarities and differences. So, try to understand them before you make any decision.

Magento Website

Magento Website is a concept which consists of other several stores. Here different stores are hosted under a single umbrella. The main advantage of having a Magento Website is that you can have unique customer base and orders. As a business owner you can differentiate your customers based on the stores while sharing their accounts among them. The grouped customers can then worked on effectively.

Using Magento Website you can have different options made available for shipping methods, payments and currencies. Using the configuration setting you can input prices into the store and share it globally.

The main difference between Magento store and website is that the second one only has customer data but not product categories or products.

Magento Multi-Store

When you want to manage different stores at the same time, you should go for this feature. Keep in mind that having a website will not be enough; you will need stores to work on front-end components like product displays and categories.

If you are planning to sell different product categories through a single domain then you should think about the Magento Multi-Store feature. You can use a single admin panel to control everything. You will be able to make everything look good using the functionalities of catalogue management and product browsing.

Again, using this MultiStore feature you can depict all the offered products and services with complete information. This means the customers can easily find what they want on the website. It also includes add to cart option, check-in, check-out and selective pricing.

Setting up MultiStore is quite easy and you don’t have to login through different admin panels to reach each website and track purchases.

Magento Store View

Each online store should have a Store View and it is used to store different store related information alternatively. The information stored is related to products or services like titles, description, features and others.

If you want your online store to be available in different languages, you should go for Store View. Here you need a Store View per language and so based on the number of languages you can have the exact number of Store Views. Customers can switch between them based on the language preference they have. When you are building your online store for international audience, this feature turns out to be very helpful. If you want to have different store themes for your online store then Store View works for you too.

As a Magento store owner you get to enjoy the localization feature as well as have the locations of the customers.

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Written by Ashish Joshi

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MAY 7, 2019
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