Consumers Demand Digital Convenience!

BY: Jason White
DECEMBER 17, 2020

Now more than ever, there is zero doubt that consumers are demanding seamless technological solutions to adapt their businesses to a hybrid work environment. For most customers, convenience and ease of use are more attractive than blind loyalty to their favorite brands.

Let me give you an example that recently happened to me.

I recently purchased a new car. I made the switch to Tesla because it was the experience of getting a car from another big carmaker brand, whom I was previously loyal to, that I couldn’t stand. I have owned at least a dozen vehicles in various models over the years and, in general, I experienced no issues with the cars themselves. However, once my lease expired, every step of the purchase process was painful. We’ve all experienced unnecessary haggling with sales people whose names we will never remember in addition to being upsold on oil changes and even “weather-proof” floor mats.

By contrast, Tesla has revolutionized their relationship with consumers to the point where I was able to purchase a brand new car right from my mobile phone! The best part? I never dealt with a salesman, maintenance jargon or financing propositions. From Tesla’s mobile app, I was finance approved and made my style choices in less than ten minutes. Four weeks later, my new car was delivered right to my driveway. Talk about convenience!

With the exception of appointment-only showrooms, Tesla has managed to become the highest-valued car manufacturer without paying for real-estate for car dealerships all over the country or expensive prime-time commercials. The result of which has the market cap for Tesla valued at $599 billion at the time of writing this article. On the other hand, the combined market cap for competitors such as Toyota ($248 billion), Honda ($54 billion), Volkswagen ($97 billion) and GM ($60 billion) do not even come close to the value of Tesla. How can this be? The answer is simple–Tesla has a comprehensive understanding of today’s digital environment and invests in the customer experience, providing the convenience needed to corner the marketplace.

Some experts believe that software is replacing human to human interaction. However, here at RD Global, we disagree. Digital connections are human connections. Take my example with Tesla into consideration. They understand that I place high value on convenience–so much, that I even purchased a more expensive vehicle than my previous car. Tesla is one of the most successful modern companies because they have a human-centric approach when it comes to software development. To win over new customers in this day and age, a strong product and catchy marketing is not enough— it must be convenient and easy to use.

Unlike computers, the human condition is more complex. In other words, to design seamless user experiences with software, we need to factor in pain points that affect people in their everyday lives. Each individual in today’s workforce probably wishes for more hours in the day, which is why designing software solutions to be easy-to-learn and alleviate frustration wherever possible is key to any successful business operation. Of course, with functionality in mind, our role as creators focuses on simplifying the customer’s experience online while still maintaining the seamless solution needed for your business.

Studies show that 91% of consumers say they are more likely to make another purchase from the same company after a positive buying experience. However, it takes more than friendly customer service agents and a fancy CRM to earn repeat business. At RD Global, our team of industry professionals shares the experience that consumers have while utilizing your product or service by making certain the value of your product is clearly communicated. Online engagement between businesses and their customers has exploded this year, with an estimated 60% of interactions taking place online, compared to 42% just last year. This trend is here to stay since 69% of consumers say they want a digital format to be the main method of acquiring products or services.

We bridge the gap between digital and human connections, ensuring that every person, from admins to end users, is fully immersed when implementing a software solution. From designing to testing and development, we have your end users in mind and consistently deliver on technology solutions that are as clever as they are convenient.

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Written by Jason White

"Bringing high-impact energy and nearly twenty years of experience filling key sales, consulting, and technical roles in IT, including serving as Chief Technologist of Hybrid I.T. at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Jason White is leading the alliance program driving strategic growth through trusted partnerships.​"

DECEMBER 17, 2020
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