Top-20 Property & Casualty Insurance Company in the U.S.
A leader in the property & casualty insurance space was in need of a complete website redesign on a tight timeline, and RD Global answered the call. Among other upgrades, we performed front- and back-end development, UX testing and integration of a proprietary software, ensuring all security measures were properly met while handling sensitive customer data.
Challenges we faced while development
  • Maintaining security and confidentiality of sensitive customer data while working with multiple teams and bulk uploading thousands of pieces of personal information
  • Preserving pristine UI and UX while creating, coding and integrating proprietary tools into the website’s interface
  • Allowing complete crawl of website for SEO purposes while using Angular web-page application
  • Making on-the-fly changes while striving to meet an immovable deadline
Tools & Technologies

  • Realized positive hike in customer account signups and user interaction
  • Reduction in customer service calls and costs associated with call centers
  • Increase in keyword rankings due to search engine optimization efforts
  • Built innovative logged-in customer experience that includes a proprietary claim tracking system and policy management tool
  • Finished, staged and published website to meet concrete deadline