Publicly-Traded Insurance Holding Company with 20+ Years of Success
To combine the company’s innovative ideas with an innovative website, RD Global integrated a responsive tool that showcases current ticker-symbol status, earnings information, SEC filings and many other crucial documents. The successful implementation of each application brings valuable information and insights to partners and shareholders alike.
Challenges we faced while development
  • Incorporating older legacy systems into new website with updated UI and UX
  • Ensuring quick website load speed while integrating legacy systems and expansive content
  • Meeting optimum performance while managing bulk data upload of customer information
  • Making on-the-fly changes requested by upper management while striving to meet an immovable deadline of the company earnings call
Tools & Technologies

  • Doubled growth in organic website visitors and total website visitors within first month
  • Integrated live ticker-symbol with live updates reflecting stock price
  • Incorporated dynamic UX design that aligns with company’s tech-forward stance on insurance
  • Built responsive UI with fluid grid and flexible images displayable on any device
  • Website launch met crucial speed-to-market deadline of company earnings call