Commercial and Residential Insurance Company Tailored to High-End Properties
Catering to homes and commercial properties between $1 million and $60 million in value, this client needed a high-end website to match its high-end products and services. RD Global used a multitude of development tools to bring the company’s ideas to life — while still safeguarding every piece of critical customer information.
Challenges we faced while development
  • Protecting sensitive customer data and personal privacy for thousands of high-net-work clients
  • Supporting search engine optimization efforts while using Angular web-page application
  • Maintaining pristine UI and UX while creating, coding and integrating proprietary tools into the website’s interface
Tools & Technologies

  • Converted outdated 90s-style website to meet UI and UX of luxurious clients and modern times
  • Expanded online account interaction of specialized high-net-worth customers
  • Targeted and ranked niche keywords due to on-page and back-end search engine optimization efforts
  • Built innovative logged-in customer experience that includes a proprietary claim tracking system and policy management tool