Building Digital Connections That Directly Impact Bottom Lines

BY: Taylor Busby​
NOVEMBER 17, 2020

Technology has long been the lifeline of business development in the modern world. As digital solutions arise to solve seemingly every challenge imaginable, companies in industries across the spectrum have had to adapt their business models and react accordingly. Digital initiatives at both B2C and B2B companies have been escalated from priorities to necessities. And the reliance on tech was only accelerated by the current pandemic.

Technology and people may seem like opposing forces, but when digging deeper it is clear that digital solutions serve as a centerpiece in an organization’s ability to connect with people. Creating digital connections allows companies to establish trust, build rapport, and solidify a value proposition that directly impacts its bottom line.

So, when does software technology come into play? How can organizations take advantage of software outsourcing to achieve their internal and external goals? Where can custom software development services best work together with a company’s brand? These are critical questions when it comes to building digital connections with an end user.

At RD Global, we are a software development company that has perfected the process of digital connection. We are built on the pillars of digital transformation, customer engagement, online participation, and process automation. It’s what we do best and it’s what keeps our partnerships strong. Let’s dive in.

Digital Connections are Essential in Crises and Beyond

This year has showcased the importance of connection between customer and brand. In a time when person to person business models are largely unfeasible, digital solutions must not only meet the needs of the consumer, but also offer a level of trust whereby people feel comfortable to swipe a credit card or complete an online transaction. Whether speaking to prospects or longstanding customers, loyalty is vital.

The link between software and people has steadily grown since the first computer became widely available. As such, brands today are leaning on custom software to meet their internal and external needs. Developing digital solutions in-house is difficult, even with a robust team. In many cases, software outsourcing is the winning ticket.

At RD Global, B2B and B2C companies depend on us for a wide range of our custom software development services. Our technology solutions include:

● Agile Software Development

Mobile App Development

● eCommerce Solutions

● Content Management Systems (CMS)

● Design Services

● Emerging Technologies

● SaaS Product Development

These services are channeled into RD Global’s unique ability to transform ideas into reality.

COVID-19 has made it clear that digital innovation is imperative to successfully operating a company during a crisis. But what about when the pandemic settles down? Many of the “new normal” conveniences that tech has brought us will continue to thrive well into the future. A new tech standard has been set and must be followed in order to keep current customers and attract new ones.

Emphasis on Digital Platforms

Instant gratification has become a cornerstone for the new generation. Consumers have grown accustom to getting what they want with a quick swipe or tap, laying the groundwork for new and strict demands. Convenience and simplification must underlie every step of the sales process, or companies run the risk of losing customer interest.

With this in mind, businesses are facing brand new problems. Their old offerings may fall flat compared to the speed and UX design of their competitors. Their old technology may no longer meet the growing demand of their B2B clients who insist upon largescale reporting and real-time metrics. They may lack the dynamic capacity to innovate when a client depends upon it.

This is where RD Global truly shines.

Custom software development means crafting digital solutions that not only meet our clients’ needs, but forecasts future needs and addresses them proactively. While technology may run the bulk of our services, it is our team who lays the foundation for success.

Digital transformations do not happen by chance, they are a calculated effort guided by our team of:

● Solutions Architects
● UX Designers
● UI Designers
● Full Stack Engineers
● iOS Developers
● Android Developers
● CMS Developers
● QA Experts
● SEO Specialists

When we partner with an organization, our priority is to leverage innovative digital solutions that bring real value to their business. In-house initiatives often miss the mark when it comes to digital assets. Our job is to utilize state-of-the-art technology to connect the dots. As a result, our clients are able to focus on what they do best while we craft high impact technologies that improve their bottom line.

Software Partnership to Improve Your Bottom Line

At the end of the day, businesses have one central objective: improving the bottom line. There are countless moving parts that play a role in keeping a company profitable, but technology is amongst the most significant. Understanding this significance, our partners look at us as an extension of their teams. They rely on our consulting and developing capabilities to identify areas where technology can be used to increase efficiency and communication.

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Written by Taylor Busby​

"With a background in economics, experience working at an innovative IoT start-up, and a passion for people, Taylor Busby identifies progressive marketing initiatives with her team, manages strategy across multiple digital marketing vendors, and the intersection of marketing with sales, alliances, and customer success."

NOVEMBER 17, 2020
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