The Org’s Exclusive Interview with our CEO, Robert Wells

BY: The Org
APRIL 5, 2021

Recently The Org wanted the chance to catch up with our new CEO, Robert Wells, to learn more about his background and plans for the future leading RD Global. The Org is a quickly growing online professional community to explore organization charts for public and private companies, with a mission of helping organizations use transparency to get more exposure externally and operate more efficiently internally.

Meet RD Global’s new CEO and see his vision for the future​

Software consulting company RD Global is pleased to announce Robert Wells as its new Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Wells brings decades of innovation and growth strategy experience to his new role, which he commenced in January 2021. A key part of his role is to guide the company through a period of rapid growth, and prepare the RD Global team to serve the large number of companies increasing their digital efforts.

While still relatively new to the company, Mr. Wells has quickly assimilated and taken the lead on fostering a culture balance between serving people and encouraging digital innovation.

“We strive to maintain a culture where we treat each other and our customers as equals. We take care of each other, we trust each other. We value each other. And together, we build better experiences with technology to foster collaboration, innovation, and fun.”

Mr. Wells has a long resume of working in senior leadership positions within tech companies, including companies that he has been a founding member of. Most recently, he was CEO at PracticePro 365, a cloud practice management software. He was also on the M&A exec team that led to the acquisition of Arrow Digital to Cognizant Softvision.

As an entrepreneur and innovator himself, Mr. Wells says he’s actively encouraging RD Global staff to think outside the box, learn emerging technologies and apply them to new business initiatives and solutions.

“One example is, we’ve invested in an idea of bringing video calling and augmented reality together through an app during COVID times. That means insurance adjusters or users in any industry that, until now, had to go onsite to a client’s house or business, can use our app to get all of the necessary information from the comfort of their home or office.”

While striving for innovation and creativity among RD Global’s people is a high priority for Mr. Wells, he is also immensely proud of the company’s five star customer success program. He calls this the fabric of the company and its culture.

“We continuously educate and train the team on how to provide the best customer service possible. That means we provide coaching to improve project management skills, budgeting skills, and whatever else is needed. We bring all of this together so that we can continuously improve and upskill our team to provide excellent five star service, all the time to our customers.”

It’s a combination of these people and technology factors that he believes needs to be shown by the company’s leaders first and foremost. Mr. Wells is a strong believer that by purposefully growing leaders, empowering managers, and focusing everyone on the company’s core values, all staff will live out that ethos on a daily basis.

“We strongly encourage folks to continually upskill and look for ways to innovate, and we embrace this in our culture.”

Going forward, Mr. Wells believes RD Global is uniquely positioned for the future. Having achieved record growth over the last several years, and with a growing global staff of experts, he believes the company is perfectly placed to help customers with their increasing digital needs.

“Whether it be through user experience efforts, digital experience, multi experience, mobile experience, or customer experience – we do it all. We invest in emerging technologies, learn about them and apply them in real life, so we’re on top of the trends that are happening with data, analytics, big data, AI, machine learning, and robotic process automation.”

“Our global resourcing model makes it affordable for companies to work with us, get these top skill sets and apply them in their businesses with real solutions at a fraction of what it would cost to get the same kind of quality from the big four. Top that off with our five star customer success program, and we have an absolutely unique model in this industry.”

In a few short months, RD Global has already made huge strides towards achieving its own growth goals and helping customers to digitize their operations. This includes establishing and expanding a Customer Success team and tools to support customers, and a strategic Alliance Program headed by tech leader Jason White.

RD Global has also intensified and expanded digital marketing efforts, including launching its refreshed website, welcoming several new customers, and kicking off multiple digital experience and data management projects.

Mr. Wells will play a significant role in leading the further expansion of RD Global’s capabilities, and achieving scalable growth.

Written by The Org

"We help organizations use transparency to get more exposure externally and operate more efficiently internally. ​"

APRIL 5, 2021
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